Friday, December 31, 2010

Here Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Good Morning Bloggers,

First and foremost I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!! Today it is gloomy in Davenport so I plan to tackle putting away the rest of the Christmas decorations and then we have a fun night planned with friends.

Today I decided to post a few of our favorite things from Christmas

Erin's Pick's:
 The Flip Camera: I am going to have to become techy but am excited for the future memories this will capture.
 Squeal: A Gold Armitron Watch!! I have to get a few links taken out but I LOOOOOVVEEE It! Thanks Mr H!
Pink North Face Vest
A great new cook-book from my momma!!!!! Southern Pies!

Joe's Pick's:
 A new book from CoCo by an author that he has read from before.
 Clothes, Clothes, and more Clothes ( who knew guys were so into clothes)
 Perfect Pull up bar
Thanks Zanoni's- our home gym is just about complete.

What were a few of  your favorite things from Christmas????

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Good Morning Bloggers,

Our Christmas Eve tradition has been going on for a very long time. Every Christmas Eve we go to Mass with the Turners and then we head to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen's in Geneseo. Every year they have a themed dinner whether it is a Mexican Fiesta or a Italian Fest it is GREAT. This year they did the TURNER SPORTS BAR THEME. It was awesome they had a bunch of stuff shipped in from World Market to enhance the sports bar theme and great food!! The kiddos open most of their gifts there and then we head out to look at Christmas Lights. When we arrive back at Grammie and Poppy's SANTA has come.!!!! WE open our gifts from Santa and then head upstairs for the gift exchange for the adults and the kiddos zip off to bed!!!!

After the big exchange we headed back to our house with my mom. We woke up Christmas morning and had a great morning relaxing and opening gifts with her!! Thank you Colleen for taking such good care of Joe and I you truly spoil us. After gift opening we got ready for the day and on the road to Indianola. Joey's stepsister recently graduated from Iowa State University and is moving to Hawaii. We are very proud of her but will miss her very much. We had a great day in Insianola opening gifts, playing Wii, and hanging out. Sunday we said our tearful goodbyes to Kelsey and got on the road. We cant wait to visit you Kelsey Rae!!

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Eve:

Sorry about the first picture I cant get it to rotate.

I hope anyone reading this post had an excellent Christmas with their loved ones

Next Post: Here are a few of our favorite things!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleepover At The Haluska's

Good Evening Bloggers,

Well the celebrating contuined at our house after the dinner party ended. We decided to have all the KIDDOS spend the night at our house!

This included Hannah, Emmett, Grace,Caroline, and Madeline!!!

They were all pretty excited. We played with new karoke machine after ther parents left and then put on the PJS and got tucked in. We had two in our main level bedroom, 2 in the guest bedroom upstairs and one cute little Madeline Jane that floated between ALL THE ROOMS!!!

The next morning Joey headed out to get us movies and doughnuts!! What a guy, right!!!!!!

The kids got snuggled up on the couch and we watched Toy Story 3- let me tell you it was GREAT. I ended up wiht Madeline on my lap and tears streaming down my face but as they reminded me they are happy tears!! If you havent seen this movie I recommend it!!!!

After some more Karoke, we headed to Geneseo for lunch with all the family!! Below are some of the pictures:

 Hannah, Madeline, and Caroline
                                              Best Buddies Emmett, and Grace
Here are some of the thoughts the hubby and I were left with after our first annual SLEEPOVER:



Next Post: Christmas EVE and Christmas DAY

Christmas 2010


Sorry fellow bloggers for my absence of blogging but I swept away my family and the spirit of Christmas! I plan to catch you all up on our life this week though!!!! !

We had a great Christmas with the people that we love dearly! It was very special I didn't take as many pictures as I would of liked but I was enjoying myself in the moment!

We hosted a dinner for the TURNER side last Wednesday I made an Italian feast and most of the items I had never made before.
The Menu:
-Stuffed Shells
-Italian Asparagus
-Chicken Alfredo
-Cesar Salad
and CANOLI"S!!!!

Here are a few pictures from the night!

 The Tablescape!! All stuff that I had so the grand total was $0.00!! Gotta Love that

 Joey giving out the tshirts he had made for my mom and uncles to Donny's lounge
 Emmett and Kevin talking football
I love this picture!!!!!

Next Post Up: Sleepover at The Haluska's!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend In Rewind

Hello Blogger,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Did anyone get hit with the Blizzard that was supposed to arrive. We were lucky enough that it didn't hit us in the Quads. It did however derail our plans though for the weekend BOOOOOO!!!

This weekend we were supposed to go to the Haluska Christmas but at the last minute it got cancelled due to the unpredictable weather. We were very sad that we wouldn't be seeing everyone! With out new plans of nothing we decided to embrace this unexpected weekend at home. We started a big fire, switched into our Pj's and planted ourselves in front of the tv.  I had made a bunch of food to bring on our trip so for lunch on Saturday we got out the food and had ourselves a feast!! Later that afternoon we rented some very good movies and ordered take out for the night. We both decided it is good to be homebodies every once in awhile.

Today we did venture out for church and some errands. The day got very sweet when I received a very special call from my cousin Pat, he is engaged!!!!!! He has been dating a lovely girl names Kate and all of the TURNERS feel extremely blessed to have her in our family. Congrats Pat and Kate. The cold weather is here to stay I am sorry to say! This upcoming week will be busy for the both of us. I have holiday parties to attend every night this week. I am looking forward to them because really this is what the season is for celebrating the people that our in your life. Friday I will do a holiday party re-cap!!!!!!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Festive Weekend

Hi Blogland,

Tonight I am blogging about our weekend in downtown Chicago, IL!! We spent this past Saturday there with some of my family ringing in this very special season of Christmas!

I wish I would of had my Christmas but we were in such a hurry when we left that morning to catch the train I forgot it. Whoops! I guess I will have to be very descriptive in my writing.

Friday when we arrived my mom had a very special surprise waiting for us, my sweet Caroline was behind the Christmas Tree!! To my surprise she was going to have a sleepover and go downtown with us on Saturday.

Saturday started off my boarding the train with mom, grammie, poppy, Caroline, Jim, Karen, Joe and I boarded the train and headed downtown. I love riding the train!!! It never gets old and supplies me with great people watching. I am hoping the train initiative from the Quad Cities to Chicago will still go through but I guess we will have to wait to see what happens.

When we left the train station we loaded up in a taxi and off we went to Michigan Ave. We had lunch at 676 which is located in the Omni Hotel. We were able to get a window seat so while we ate we got watch all the shoppers. After lunch we headed out to the streets to shop and look at all the beautiful decorations. If you haven't been to Chicago during the Christmas season I would highly recommend it because it is gorgeous with all the lights and beautiful window shops, it truly inspires and ignites the Christmas spirit.

After some strolling we headed to the John Hancock building. We took the elevator up to the 93rd floor to enjoy a beverage and to take in the spectacular view. This is where I really wish I had my camera because the view from here is so energetic. The view is of the lake, navy pier and all of downtown. After this we took Caroline to see Santa at Macy's. They have a hug scene set up and she was thrilled to do it!!!!You may be wondering what a 1st grader wants, a guitar!!! I love her spirit. After this we headed to the train station and headed back to Naperville.

It was a great day and we all decided that this would be a great tradition to begin.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Video Log


I am feeling a little southern tonight so pretend my "Howdy" was in the best southern accent you have ever heard!!!!!!

Tonight I have a Video Log for you. This is a mis-mash of video's of my Goddaughter Madeline, some video that Joe and I took on our honeymoon, and some dog training.

Well that is it for tonight! Hope you like the change up of video's !!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend and get ready for some Holiday decorating when I return on Monday

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Inspiration!!!!

Good Evening Bloggers,

Hope you all had a great day! I was reminded today by my mother that a week ago today we were getting ready for Thanksgiving, oh how time flies by!!!!

Anyways I had a post of Video's that I have recently taken that I was going to post tonight but instead I was reading one of the blogs that I follow: Maleunder my Life and was toally inspired by the guest blogger that she featured today

I have pasted the section below:
Brittany’s Beauty Tips for the Soul

Beauty surrounds a woman’s life in everything that she does. It is who she is. We were made to be beautiful from our hair, bodies, and feminine persona. I have come to the realization that it’s natural to want to look beautiful. But finding a balance is essential, and at times, this can be difficult.

I can’t count how many hours I have spent at the salon getting my hair high-lighted (of course, trying to achieve a “natural” look); going shopping to find the perfect outfit to fit my ever-changing style or simply looking in the mirror and applying makeup every day.

I’m always pulling, tugging, or fixing my outer appearance. At times, it’s exhausting.

There are multiple beauty resources available at our finger tips that assist us in finding the right outfit or achieving Jennifer Anniston’s killer body. But there seems to be a gaping hole in many of our lives and especially in our culture. And that is a lack of focus on inner beauty.

As the editor of, I have met and continue to meet women who want to redefine beauty in their lives. These women want to accept who they are, change what they can, and be women of substance – more than what meets the eye.

So instead of a typical beauty blog where I offer you tips to look better, let’s rather think of beauty tips for our soul.

Think of all the ways that you make yourself beautiful on the outside and the amount of time each one takes. Imagine using that time to beautify your inner self. Taking the time to work on our inner self will translate to the outside.

Below are a few beauty tips for the soul:

Daily: Applying lipstick (5 seconds) = Speak a positive word to yourself or someone else

It only take 5 seconds to apply lipstick; now, let’s apply some positivity to our lives. As you’re looking in the mirror, say something positive about yourself to yourself ( I am beautiful. I have a giving heart. I am a loyal friend). Now, this sounds a little narcissistic but imagine the confidence that you’ll carry once you really start believing in those things.

Having confidence in ourselves is key to having healthy relationships.

Say something positive to a friend. Just a few words of encouragement, a thank you, or a compliment only takes 5 seconds, and it can make a difference in someone’s life.

A positive mindset can change the outcome of many situations and also make you enjoyable company:)

Daily: Picking out an outfit (20 min) = Meditate

Now in a perfect world, I would suggest meditating for more than 20 min, but with all the many activities that fill up our schedule, sometimes it just isn’t realistic. However, it is necessary that every day, we give ourselves time to be alone- free from distraction and escape from the worries of our day. Sometimes it only take a few minutes to feel energized and inspired.

Now, when you hear the word meditation you may think of Buddha, but I simply suggest getting alone with yourself to hear own thoughts.

Taking a little time each day to be alone will give you a chance to possibly rethink a decision you have to make or a cool down from a heated argument.

Hair Salon (2 hours) = Spend time with a close friend

There’s nothing like a good conversation with a close friend. Often times, when I finally take the time to reconnect with a friend over lunch, I leave feeling like a better person, sometimes relieved and mostly happy.

Talking to a close friend about our lives, what we are doing and what we are going through can lift a heavy burden. I also love getting updated on what my friends are doing and how they’ve been inspired. Usually this inspires me as well.

A great piece of advice given to me – Be friends with people you want to be like.

Manicure (45 min) = Enjoy Nature

I often go for a jog outside, and to be honest, I’m in the least bit enjoying nature. Instead, I am constantly checking the time because I’m exhausted! However, those times after my jog where I’ve sat at the park and stared into the lake have been times that I cannot explain with words.

Nature inspires you and reminds you that you’re only a small part in this big picture called life. There’s something energizing about nature with its peacefulness, serenity and beauty.

Take nothing but a good book or pen and notebook.

Shopping (all day) = Serve Others

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a whole day of shopping only to spend another day taking those items back. Think of the time spent shopping and imagine spending a day serving your community.

One of my friends volunteers once a month at a homeless shelter for women. She spends the entire night there, talking with the women, and assisting in ways that she can. There are many opportunities in your community to serve. Form a group who are passionate about it as well and do it together.

Serving others helps you see how fortunate you truly are and puts your life into perspective. It also allows you to give to those who are in need and help them to a path of success. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a humble heart.

There’s more to life than “who’s wearing what,” and I’m sure you know that. Now, does this mean that you must sacrifice your outer beauty for your inner beauty? No, but finding a balance between the two is key.

My beauty tips for the soul are probably not new to you. But too often, the things we know to do, we don’t.

Don’t neglect your soul another day but rather practice one of these tips this week for a “prettier” you.

What are your own personal tips for the soul?

Isnt this just a great article!!
I highly encourage you to check out and Brittany is the editor of
 Have a great day and I would love to hear some of your tips for the SOUL!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Irish Chicken and Dumplings

Hello Bloggers,

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR It is cold outside!!

Tonight I come to you with a recipe that will warm your soul!!! Goodness knows I couldn't resist it when I saw it and was needing something warm and yummy for dinner.
A couple of weeks ago I had bought a chicken- only because it was on sale and I thought "I have never tried cooking a CHICKEN!!!

So I started by boiling the chicken in a pot of water with salt and pepper to taste. I would recommend cooking it for 1-1 1/2 hours. The chicken will literally shred when you are done with it.
Once the chicken is shredded add that to the crock pot with the following ingredients:
1 (10.75 ounce) cans condensed cream of chicken soup

1 can of chicken broth

3 cups water

1 cup chopped celery

2 onions, quartered

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning

1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
5 carrots, sliced

1 (10 ounce) package frozen green peas

4 potatoes, quartered
Cook this till it is a rolling boil. This will probably take 2 hours.
While the soup is cooking mixture together the dumpling mix from Bisquick. When the soup is boiling drop in the dumpling mix in and let it cook for 10 minutes.
Enjoy this yummy recipe!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Once Again

Good Evening,

As I write this post I am sitting in front of a roaring fire with Wrigley on one side and a glass of wine on the other. In my opinion a great way to end the long weekend.  Is there a specific location or regime that you follow when you write your posts??? I would love to hear about them.

We are home from another holiday visiting family for Thanksgiving. We are grateful to of had so much time with our loved ones and for our safe arrival and return.  We were able to see lots of family, and see some of Joe's friends while we were back in Albia.

I always look forward to Thanksgiving because I view it as the opening ceremony for many family gatherings and lots of holiday decorating. Today we got our Christmas tree, did some decorating and I couldn't be happier to be in my home. I think it is true Home is where the Heart is.

I am digging the smell of our real tree right now, I always do! It is so symbolic of the holiday season kicking off.  Our house is full of that sweet pine smell right now and I am already looking forward to heading out the door tomorrow to the sweet smell of our tree.

If you have a real tree this year I have a tip for you.Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in your water mixture 1-2 weekly when you are watering your tree. It will keep it soft and alive.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Later on this week I will be posting:
-Irish Chicken and Dumplings
-The Haluska Home decorated for Christmas!
-Video Log

If you are a new follower to this blog feel free to become a follower of this blog!!!!
Have a great Monday everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Time For Giving and A Time For Thanks

Good Evening Bloggers,

I hope you are staying warm on this November evening! The weather has taken a dramatic turn as yesterday it was in the 70's and today it is in the 30's only one word comes to mind with this swift change and that is

I am not a cold weather person but I am trying to embrace it as I know I have many cold winters ahead of me with things like boots, scarves, and hats!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Tomorrow we leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our families (sorry Turners you will be missed and we cant wait to see you in the weeks to come) We will head to Indianola tomorrow afternoon and then off to Albia on Thursday afternoon. Joe and I have a tradition to hit up the Black Friday shopping together. I am so appreciative that we carve out this time during holidays for one another. Saturday we will be heading back to Davenport because on Sunday we are getting our Christmas Tree!!!!!!

Tonight I come to you with things I am thankful for and things I want to give:

I am thankful for my home that shelters me, welcomes me home, and supplies me with endless projects to tackle.
I would like to extend a big invitation to all family and  friends and say that I would like to give you an anytime invitation to the Haluska Home in Davenport, Iowa.

I am thankful for the family that I have that loves unconditionally, that makes time to spend with Joe and I, and that has helped us be the people we are today.
I would like to give my family an ounce back of the love that they have showed me.

I am thankful for my husband. Yes I know this is cliche but as I have learned this year life is so very precious and you shouldn't go a day without looking at your loved one and showering them with words of love.
I would like to give my husband my unconditional support. You are inspire me with your work ethic and you tenacity for life. CARPE DIEM Mr. Haluska!

I am thankful for memories. As I think back over the last 12 months I have some very found memories and I am cherish them whether they are from planning the wedding, spending time with family and friends, or from my garden being wilded away from a dirt virus they are special and they have made 2010 a blessing.
I would like to give memories to my family and my husband. I hope to continue the traditions and look forward to starting new one.

I am thankful for my momma. When I call my mom, momma this makes my grammie laugh so I am doing this for her. She has had a tough road parenting me by herself and I am thankful that she has stuck through all the good and bad with me.
I would like to give my mom my appreciation. You have always put me first and now you put Joe and I first. You are the purest form of unconditional love.

Finally I want to give thanks for life. The last 12 months have gone by so fast and at some times I am saddened because they seem like a blur. Other moments have had a lasting impression on me like the moment I walked down the isle to marry Joe, stepping off the plan in St. Lucia, juggling work and the responsibilities of being a wife, to enduring loss of loved one, seeing the pain it has caused in loved one, the loss of friendships, or the simple fact of Wrigley chewing one more sock. They all make up my life and I am grateful. Life is the mixing bowl of  good, bad, raw, and beautiful.

I wish all my blog readers a very blessed Thanksgiving. I hope that your time is precious with your families and that you are able to stop and smell the yummy turkey!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph Steven Haluska!

Happy Birthday Joseph Steven Haluska

27 years isn't looking so shabby!!!!!

 The brothers getting ready to head out for an afternoon of football and wings!!! Cant get much better than that!
Heading out for Joe's birthday celebration with friends
Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby- Joe!!!!

You make me so proud to be your wife! This is our first birthday as husband and wife and I cant wait for all the future ones we will have together. You are a man that loves unconditional and that inspires others to do the same. You are a man that works extremely hard to accomplish your goals and for your loved one. You are a man that shows the ability to show kindness and consideration at difficult times. You are a husband that takes your vows seriously and reminds me everyday why marriage is worth the work. You are a husband that protects and supports which is priceless.

We love you Joe Haluska, thank you for blessing us with you love and companionship.
Your Wife- E

Friday, November 19, 2010

What's On The Agenda!!!!

Good Morning Bloggers,

Happy Friday and I wish all of you a very happy and joyful weekend!!!!!!

Well I thought I would give you an update on what's being going on with the MR and the MRS.

This has week had literally BLOWN by, where did the time go I remember waking up Monday morning and that seems like it was just yesterday! Don't get me wrong though I am grateful to see the arrival of the weekend. HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO FRIDAY!!!!!

We have alot of fun things on the agenda for the weekend. Joe's brother Mikey arrives tonight for the weekend and we cant wait- we love having house guests!!!!!
Joe's project at work went out this week so he is ready for the weekend as well!! Hopefully he can cut out of work early today and enjoy some ESPN!!!!! YOU ROCK HUBBY THANKS FOR WORKING SO HARD.

And you might be wondering what today holds for me. . .. Well typically on my Friday's off I enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the TODAY show!!! Then I tackle laundry and cleaning! This afternoon I am getting the big SNIP SNIP- a HAIRCUT I am debating on what to do, I have to different styles picked out so you who knows what I will decide to do!!!!!

Saturday the boys plan to watch some of the football games and I plan on heading to MENARDS they are having a great sale on Benjamin Moore paint (thanks Poppy for this hint hint) and I WILL BE WALKING OUT WITH PAINT no second guessing or looking again I am making a decision.
Up for Saturday night I must keep that under wraps since it involves the HUBBY!!!!!! If you read this blog you probably already know the deal!

Also I haven't mentioned our other housemate and that is WRIGLEY aka THE WRIGSTER. He is currently attending K9 University for dog obedience. He is progressing and reminds every Tuesday night that a puppy is a puppy until they are 2- guess that means we have another year of puppyhood to muddle through! One of the main things we are working on is that when guest come to the door getting Wrigley to stay in one place and not hound the people coming through the door. That task is still a work in progress but we have faith in him!!!! WE also have to wish Wrigley a HAPPY BIRTHDAY he turns one the same day that Joe turns 27-how ironic?

So that is what is on the agenda for this weekend!! Is there anything you are looking forward to for the weekend?????

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here It Is The Big News!!

Hello Bloggers,

I apologize I have not been a good blogger this week. I had plans for posts the past couple of nights and the time gas gotten away from me and I have lagged on my posts this week.

But here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to start a new feature on this blog. And that is on Mondays I would like, oh wait let me say LOVE to feature posts from other bloggers. At times when I have been blogging I can feel like I am the only one writing and reading my blog and in recent months the doors have opened and I have really started to enjoy blogs and learning pieces about the bloggers that write them and what a better way to begin by inviting them to share a bit about themselves with you.

I have questions that I will give to the bloggers that I feature that will give you a glimpse into their lives and into their blog.

So the question is who is going to be my first guest blogger??????????????????????????

COME ONE COME ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you thought about blogging but haven't taken the plunge yet? Did you recently start a blog and are looking for a way to get connected, do you have a mission or a topic that you are passionate about and want to spread the news??????????????? Well this is a great opportunity for you to jump in the WIDE WORLD OF BLOGGING!!!!! Leave a comment if you would like to be featured or you can email me at

I have one last surprise, A special gift for my first blogger. . . . The book by BLOG BAKERELLA
CAKE POPS!!!!!!!
Also I have to give a shout out to my friend Keli, she was the first to squeal about the big announcement I know she was thinking it was going to be something different and it was fun laughing about it at work. Keli all good things come in time- it will be here before we know it!!!!!! Love ya!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Good Evening Bloggers,

Hope you all had a great weekend!!! WE DID!
It was a long one since I have been off of work since Thursday Whoot Whoot.

Thursday night my mom came into town and spent the night at our house!! She spoiled us with goodies from Trader Joes!! Thanks Momma! Please come back for another visist very soon!

Friday my grandparents, mom, Joe and I went to dinner and a movie. We saw "Morning Glory" with Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, and Diane Keaton. It is about a morning news show. We all thought it was pretty good and enjoyed being out together.

Saturday, Joe did some football watching and I did some SHOPPING. I needed some new clothes for work desperately bad. Saturday night we headed over to Joe's friend from college. He moved here about a year ago and recently became engaged so we had lots to catch up on. We had a great time and if you haven't played Rock Band I would recommend it I am not a big "GAMER" but we all did this and it was so much FUN!! Lots of laughing and good music!

Today I was a little bit under the weather but we did manage to run some errands and Joe raked our backyard. Today alone he had 6 FULL bags- to date I think he is at 17 bags. YIKES!!!!
This week we have full plates at work and at home. We head back to K9 University  aka Dog School for Wrigely on Tuesday night. And I will be getting ready for Mr. H's big birthday weekend!!!! Sorry I cant share any more details since he frequents this website daily!!

Have a great Monday everyone and up for tomorrow's post: EXCITING NEWS!!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


I am just about to head out the door for a full day of errands, and some shopping if I can fit it in but I wanted to post something that I thought would intrigue many of you.

I believe everyone needs a motto, a personal statement, mission statement.

Today I give you my personal mission statement.
LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! I want to get it enlarged and hang it in my home!!!!!!

Do you or your family have a personal motto or mission statement????? Let me hear it if you do!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

Today was a great day!!!

My dear friend from work is getting married and I couldn't be happier for her. She has exquisite taste and I cant wait to see this wedding- IT IS GOING TO BE BREATHTAKING.

I was honored to be asked to go dress shopping with her today!!!
We started at a dress shop called Hope's and we had great luck. Here are a few of the pictures of some of the dresses she tried!
Don't worry her groom doesn't blog so we decided that I could post these pictures.
Then we headed to lunch and the next shop called Celebrations, here are some of the dresses from that store:

 Let me say Keli tried on this dress for me, it is a couture gown with a shrug we all loved the lace but knew from the moment she walked out it wasn't the ONE but it good to try on all different types.
 For many of the dresses I had Keli turn to the side like this, I think it really showed off the dress and the lines of the dress, let me say EVERYTHING looked great on her.
I took this picture because it reminded of the classic Cinderella picture!
She didn't say "YES TO THE DRESS" but I think she well on her way to finding the ONE.
I didn't post pictures of the #1 contender because I thought that should be saved for the big day!!!

Some New Blogs To Follow


Well last night I was out at with some of my girlfriends at dinner and we started chatting about BLOGS!!!!!!

They are evolving the whole communication WORLD. As we got to talking we started sharing the different blogs that we follow so I wanted to share some of the GOLD MINES that were revealed to me last night. I am calling them GOLD MINES because theses new blogs ROCK!!!!!

Thanks girls for your dish and these great finds!!!!!!!!
This is a great blog all about design and life. This blogger is new and she is gaining followers FAST!!!!!!
This is a blog about FASHION. I love how the author of this blog posts pictures in different outfits so it is a great way to brainstorm different outfit options., also she has started a 30 day challenge where she picked a 30 pieces of clothing that she has to wear for the next 30 days, interesting challenge right?
This is my favorite type of blog that features a little bit of EVERYTHING from interior design, art, food, fashion, and a little bit of her personal life!!!

Well Hope you enjoy checking these out and some of the other ones that I have recently added!
Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Buried Life

Hi Bloggers,

Hope you have had a great week!!!!! Tomorrow is my "Friday" since I am off on Thursday and Friday.

Have you ever watched the show "The Buried Life" it is a show that MTV airs once a week about 4 guys that have a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Each week they complete one of these tasks and grant someone else the ability to do something they want to do before they die.

We don't typically watch this show but the other day it got Joe and I think about that "What do we want to do before we die" We decided to each make list, we thought 100 things was a bit overdoing it on a Saturday so we decided to aim for 5.

Joe's Buried Life List
-Finish an Ironman Triathlon

-Run a marathon

-Get elected to political office

-See all my Grandchildren graduate college

-Patent an invention

Erin's Buried Life List
-Go to Ireland for a 2 week trip

-Watch my children run to their dad

-Write a book

-Take a mother/daughter trip

-Renew my marriage vows to my husband

Have you ever thought about what your "buried life list" would consist of??????
An interesting thought to ponder and brainstorm on how you will accomplish them.
I was most surprised by Joe's ambition to run for political office. He has mentioned it before but after he put it on his list and we talked more about it I realized his passion to make a difference and to be a leader for the youth. Joe was caught off on guard by my desire to renew our vows together. I have never mentioned that and he was interested on my desire to do that.

I recommend doing this for all.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wine Tasting Birthday Party

Hello Bloggers,

Hope you had a great weekend! WE DID!

On Saturday we hosted a Wine Tasting Birthday Party for my dear friend Jessica!

It was filled with great friends, yummy food, and LOTS of WINE!

The Menu:
Lemon Dill Shrimp
Veggie Pizza
Artichoke Dip
Wonton Cups
Pineapple Cheese Ball
Buffalo Chicken Dip
Santa Fe Pinwheels
Stuffed Mushrooms

The Wine List
Pinot Grigio
Sauvigon Blanc
Pear Wine

Now for some pictures:

 The beautiful tablescape that my friend Julienne did for the party it couldn't of been better! The candle actually had a "J" on it for the birthday girl.
 Mr. Artist made this sign!!!!!!!!!!

 Jess, Charlie and Joanna
The Birthday is in the middle in Red Happy Birthday Jessica!!! 26 isnt looking so bad!
 Joanna and Joey being the greeters at the door!!! Welcome to the Haluska's
The aftermath from the wine party. . . .. . . . . . . many empty bottles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Few New Additions

HI Bloggers,

Hope you have had a great week so far!! This week has gone incredibly  fast. I wanted to post a few new additions to our house and tell you the story behind them.

 St. Anthony's the church that we got married at gave us this picture as a wedding gift. After our honeymoon I had a 60% off coupon at Michael's so we headed to get it matted and framed! I love the brown frame because with our house so well and the orangish copper matting brings out the colors beautiful. I will never forget the bagpiper and all our family and friends standing outside of the doorway as we came out of the church on that special day.
 This was a wedding gift that we received sadly it didn't come with a card so we don't know exactly who it is from!!! But we LOVE IT I think it is something so unique and we will have it for years to come.
 This is the new piece of furniture for our dinning room that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I finished getting it set up last weekend. I don't know how but the wood matches our dining room perfectly and we didn't get these pieces together.
This is the picture of both pieces. It is a great finish to this area of our home!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pre Party Planning

Hello Bloggers,

Happy November!!! Can you believe it is November???? Oh how the time flies when you are enjoying the ride. Well we have PARTY on the brain this week. This upcoming weekend we will be hosting a wine/appetizer birthday party for my dear friend Jessica. I am really looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!! I have been plotting for two weeks on what this will consist of. I thought I would share some PRE PARTY PLANNING information for the big galla.

First of all I have been collecting different wines from Chicago. Joey will be featuring the RED's and I will be featuring the WHITE'S. When the guests get here they will be given a wine guide which will have a list of the wines and a brief description. I almost have the menu done which I thought I would post later this week and see what you all thought about. The one thing I am struggling with is a color theme for decor???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Well if you are a win-o like us let us know of any reasonably priced wines that you would recommend, I would love to hear of them!!!!!! Also I recently started reading a new blog called The Reluctant Entertainer, so great and she just published her first book (way to go girl!) Guess who added it to her Christmas List!!! Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Hello Bloggers,

hope you all had a great Halloween Weekend. We had our annual Halloween Party. It was filled with so many of our good friends, and great memories were made.

Enjoy the picture overload!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Year Ago Today. . . . . .

Hello Bloggers,

Well 1 Year Ago today I was driving home from a business trip in Wisconsin and i had NO IDEA what was going to change my life that night. All week while I had been gone Joey had been giving me clues that he was going to have a dog at the house when I got home that night- I told him many times PLEASE DONT DO THIS. When I got into town around 2:30 that afternoon I called him and told him I was going to go on some errands because we were having our annual Halloween Party the next day. He said well stop home and I will go with you. When I got the the front steps I saw 2 dog dishes- I FROZE! When I got inside I saw a dog cage in the dining room- I GOT MAD! My thoughts at this moment were " HOW COULD HE DO THIS?" "WHAT IS HE THINKING" I walked across the room and tore off the blanket that was covering the crate and found A RING BOX! with NOTHING IN IT and there was Joey with a bouquet of flowers and he was on one knee with the ring, and he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him  as his wife!!! That moment brings tears back to my eyes as I write this. IT was a moment that I had dreamt about for so long and it was followed by so many more amazing moments. Immediately after we called our dear family members and shared our good news. I will never forget the wonderful words that we heard from them. Mikey teasing me for crying like a baby, crying with my mom, screaming at the top of my lungs s my grammie could hear while she was on the train, nana's loving support, Adam saying "THANK THE LORD" Our good friend Jay Kraber was coming into town for the party that tonight and we had a great time celebrating and an amazing weekend sharing the news with our friends.

Thank you Joe Haluska for making me a JOYFUL HAPPY WIFE!!!!!
I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. You have such ambition and a great ability to love people. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Well today I write to the blogging world with a very happy heart- well that is if my heart could smile!!!!!!

Today as I woke up I was anxious and knew that the news I would receive today could change my world and my families world could change forever.

About 2 months ago my Grammie had her last chemo treatment. Approxialmely 10 months ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and had the maximum about of her colon taken out. Her road with chemo wasn't easy she met with setbacks, lose of feeling in her hands and feet, nausea, tiredness and having to give up her "normalicity" Through this journey I have learned so much from her.

Today she was at Mayo's for her body scan. Since her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes which travel throughout the body they initially told us that the cancer may be in other areas of her body.

Well, at 2:00 today I received the news of the body scan and these were the words my mom told me: CLEAR, every organ looks CLEAR. UNBELIEVABLE.

Happiness filled both our hearts and we realized that prayers are answered. They aren't always answered in the ways we want them to be but they eventually all get an answer. Our entire family is grateful for this wonderful blessing. Throughout the night there have been moments where it just hasn't seemed real, but it is.

Thank you to all those dear friends and family who prayed for Grammie, brought meals, came for visits, let us cry and be mad and were are pillars of strength.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Knowing When To Cut Your Loses

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Well today I come with some thoughts, feelings, opinions. Take them for what they are worth and if you don't agree don't take them at all. Before you read the below portion let me say the following this is not in an angry or bitter tone rather this is a self-discovery and acceptance.

Recently I have been in some Mentor training at work and it has been extremely helpful in many techniques. The title of the post "Knowing When To Cut Your Loses" comes at a time that I have been faced with challenges. Challenges from work, co-workers, friendships, relationships with family members. All of these relationships are important and I value them dearly but with these--we will call them "hurdles" come stress and fractures in the relationships. I am a worrier. When something isn't right I worry. For awhile I have been trying to solve, these "hurdles" and I have come to no-avail with the situations. Through this training that I have been to I have come to the conclusion that we as individuals are the only ones in control of our feelings and reactions. Whatever someone says, does, doesn't do, doesn't say, can't determine my emotions. Knowing when to cut your loses is a fine line of putting forth your best effort, being honest, and coming to the realization that sometimes even though you may have tried your hardest there is nothing else you can do. With age and these recent hurdles I have come to realize that  Quality is better than Quantity. I have always been a person that has preferred a few quality friends, co-workers, and peers rather than MANY that aren't genuine. Overall I am to the point with these hurdles that I have put my best foot forward and I can only control my emotions and actions. Secondly I want to say that worrying only gets you one thing and that is stress. Worrying doesn't work. Period.  In the end for me now that I have these hurdles in my "rear view" mirror I know that I can truly start moving forward.

Have a great day bloggers!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend ReCap

Hello Bloggers,

This past weekend we headed up to Chicago for a couple of different things.

We love the Naperville area and with my mom living in Naperville we have been able to create so many memories with her there. You spoil us MOM!

Friday night we met at the Naperville train station and headed on the Metra to the United Center to watch the Bulls play the Dallas Mavericks. You might be wondering why we decided to go to this game ?????

Well Joe's cousin Adam is currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks. We are so proud of Adam!!!!! I am very close with my cousins and when I met Joe I realized he had a special relationship with Adam.

After the game we were able to visit with him and catch up on things!!!

After that we headed back on the train to Naperville and ended up in bed around 1:45. Saturday morning we woke up and Joey had a full day of football watching ahead of him and my mom and I had SHOPPING on our minds. We had lunch at a new restaurant called Basil- it was a Greek place and we laughed throughout the entire time. Joe headed back to the house for football and mom and I headed to the mall.Guess who was at the mall?? Stacy London the co-host from "What Not To Wear" We got to see her up close and in person and let me tell you she is tiny!!!! After that we came back to pick up Joe, we then headed to Downtown Naperville. We tried a new Cupcake place, and tried a few new bars and a wine tasting venue!!!  At home that night we made an All-American meal of steaks, veggies, and risotto.

It was a great weekend and everytime we head to Naperville my mom spoils us and we make great memories. Mom thanks for all your time and attention. We love you.