Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

Today was a great day!!!

My dear friend from work is getting married and I couldn't be happier for her. She has exquisite taste and I cant wait to see this wedding- IT IS GOING TO BE BREATHTAKING.

I was honored to be asked to go dress shopping with her today!!!
We started at a dress shop called Hope's and we had great luck. Here are a few of the pictures of some of the dresses she tried!
Don't worry her groom doesn't blog so we decided that I could post these pictures.
Then we headed to lunch and the next shop called Celebrations, here are some of the dresses from that store:

 Let me say Keli tried on this dress for me, it is a couture gown with a shrug we all loved the lace but knew from the moment she walked out it wasn't the ONE but it good to try on all different types.
 For many of the dresses I had Keli turn to the side like this, I think it really showed off the dress and the lines of the dress, let me say EVERYTHING looked great on her.
I took this picture because it reminded of the classic Cinderella picture!
She didn't say "YES TO THE DRESS" but I think she well on her way to finding the ONE.
I didn't post pictures of the #1 contender because I thought that should be saved for the big day!!!

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