Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Months Old

How can sweet baby Harper be 10 months old?? This question is really boggling me and the Mr right now!!!

To say the least at 10 months the picture taking has changed and isnt as easy as it once was!!

10 Months Old

Weight:20.5 lbs

Length:29 inches

Diaper Size:4

Clothing: 12-18 months

Food: The Very Hungry Harper is her nickname around the house because she lves to eat anything! Which makes cooking around the house even better. Typiclaly she has cereal with applesauce in the morning. Lunch consists of some turkey, veggies, cheese and dinner is usually whatever we are having and some yogurt. She loves to eat what we are eating so we have to make sure to have smal pieces ready to go when we sit down for dinner. She isstilltaking 4-5 bottles a day but this month we are starting to wean her and make the stretches longer between each bottle(Hopefully this goe well)

Sleeping: Harper is a great sleeper. She loves her naps and really doesnt like going without her morning nap at all. About 2 1/2 hours after she is up she will start rubbing her eyes and scratching behind her ears and she is ready. She typically sleeps for 2 hours at the minimum. We have moved her bedtime up from 9 to 8 and that has gone well too. One new trick that Harper has started to do is throw all her paci's out of her crib and than stand at the end of her crib closest to her door and start laughing. I try not to peek in on her when she is doing it but her cute smile make it hard!

Some of Harper's favorite things: Playing with her toys!! She carries them around from room to room.

Harper also loves babies. She has a baby and we play with it together and kiss it. I can already tell she will be a great big sister!

DOGS-she loves all dogs. Wrigley is warming up more to her and letting her touch him and any small dog better watch out because Harper will want to cuddle you.

Harper is a speed demon at crawling these days, pulls herself up on everything and is beginning to stand and then fall. She also has become very animatedc doing tricks like "how big is harper" peek-a boo, and dancing

Here is a picture of her doing how big is harper
We love you so much Harper Regina and it is such a joy to get to watch you grow and change everyday!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

And We're Off. . . .

What a busy week this has been, and blogging hasnt been to happen do to the long list of things to get done!

But I wanted to "pop" in for a quick hello!!!

Guess who is 10 Months Old today?? Harper Regina is! I will have her 10 month post tomorrow for you!!

we are getting ready to head out to Chicago this Friday to celebrate our 2nd Weding Anniversary!! Whoot Whoot!

Joey has planned the enitre day so I have no idea what we are doing in the Big City!
So many wonderful things have hapened in past two years, I can only imagine what the next two have in  store for us, any guesses??

Hasn't this weather been wonderful we love having the windows open, and sitting out on our front porch!! Harper girl loves the morning when we catch the school kids walking to the grade school that is 2 blocks from our house!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rain Rain Come and Play

To say the least this summer has been a drought! Living in the Midwest (especially IOWA) we are surrounded by cornfields and this summer has been very hard on them with the lack of rain. Waking up this morning though is a different story. It is one of those days that you want to lay in bed all day or sit on a front porch and listen to the rainstorms all day long!!

Most of the time I am a hot weather person. The weather never gets to hot for me and I love the heat of the sun on my skin but this morning I am looking forward to basking in the rain and the clouds!!!!

I think Harper and I need some time on the front porch reading-TOGETHER!

Enjoy the cloud and rain Midwesterners!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Yummies

Well Summer is passing by with lighting speed!!!

The long days of sunshine are greatly appreciated by the Haluska family and we have been able to try many new recipes this summer!!!!

Here are a few of my favorites

White Wine Sangria
This is such a simple but refreshing delight in the summertime. In the summertime I stock up on fruit all the time and it is perfect for tossing in the wine.
What you will need:
-1 bottle of red or white wine
-1 cup of tonic or soda water (whatever your preference is)
-any kind of fruit diced up
Put all ingredients in a pitcher let marinate and ENJOY!!!

Delicious Easy Chicken
Even when it is summer I cook in the crock pot. The crock pot is great in my opinion for the summer because you can be gone all day at the pool, shopping, or spending the day at the park and when you get home dinner is ready.
What you will need:
-1 chicken(make sure to clean out the inside of the chicken)
-1 bottle of bbq sauce
-1 sliced lemon
-1 medium onion cut up
-1 can of soda (your choice)
Throw all items in the crock pot and cook for 6 hours on low and you will love this meat! It is so tender and juicy!

Walking Taco Casserole
The Mr. loves Mexican I on the other hand get a little burned out by the usual taco, so when I came across this recipe I was excited because it was something different than tacos or fajitas.
What you will need:
-1 1/2 pound of ground beef
-1 package of taco seasoning
-1 green pepper diced
-1/2 a large onion chopped
-4 ounces of cream cheese cubed up
-1 cup salsa or enchilada sauce(whatever you have on hand)
-2 cups shredded cheese
-crumbled nacho chips
Cook the ground beef. Layer the crumbled nacho chips on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, spread the mat mixture on top, sprinkle in the green pepper, onion, salsa, and cream cheese, and shredded cheese. Cover with the remaining crumbled nacho chips and shredded cheese.
Bake at 350 for 40 minutes!

We can't forget about dessert

Ooey Gooey Rolls
These will make you feel all warm and satisfied when you bite into them and then you will feel the need to burn some calories!
What you will need:
-1 package of crescent rolls
-1 package of large marshmallows
-3 tablespoons butter melted
-1 tablespoon of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of sugar mixed together.
Spread each roll out. Take the marshmallows, roll in butter, than in the sugar mixture. Put the marshmallow in the middle of the roll and form the roll around the mallow.
Bake according to directions!

Do you have any recipes that you have tried this summer and LOVED?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Need Some New Blog Material???

Do I have the answer to that quetion or what!!!

I have found three new blogs that I know you will be smitten with if you are looking for great wirting, neat DIY, fabulous recipes, etc!!!!

Here it goes. . . .
House of Rose
This blog is written by Mandy stay-at-home mom of 3 boys and once you get to her blog check out her home tour is rocks!!!!

Next up is a fun title to a blog
From Nanny To Family

I love the idea of how she recently started an online book club with her fellow bloggers along with raw honest blogging not all sunshine and smiles which is what most itmes is written on blogs!

And finally a southern belle who has charm and style
The Home Payge

A blog about life, home decro, balancing life, recipes, and humor!!!!! Another great home tour as well!

Enjoy Reading!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

BIX 2012

Ok followers I did it a whole week of blogging like promised! Whoot Whoot! And guess what next week I have even more posts coming your way like house updates this summer, pinterest project's completed and some fun Harper ones!

Last weekend though at this time we were gearing up for the BIX which we look forward to every year. It is so ironic thinking last year I did the 2 mile race with Miss Harper in my tummy and this year she was cheering on the fans with me!

The festivities started on Friday with the Haluska's of Solon arriving, and then Joey's dad and Tammy arriving. We loaded up and headed downtown so the runners could get their packets and Miss Jerzey Dawn could get registered for the 1/2 mile.

                                            The two baby cousins chasing each other around!
                                            Miss Jerzey walking to register for the race!
                                                 Momma and Jerzey walking together!
                                                  Getting Jerzey dressed with her number!
                                                                     Harper, Grandpa and Daddy!
Jerzey did great and never stopped running he entire 1/2 mile. We were all very proud of that girl!

The next day was the big day Grandpa, Grandma and Daddy headed down to the race and Harepr and i headed to my friend's who lives right along the race so we could get up close and personal and see all the racers. It was so much fun and we were able to see daddy, grandpa, and grandma running!

After the big race we had a big cookout that night and enjoyed the festivities in downtown Davenport while Grandpa and Grandma got some special time with their girl!

We are already looking forward to the BIX next year!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ann Arbor Art Fair (say this 5 times fast)

A few weeks ago I decided to take a long weekend trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan to visdt my Uncle Ken, Aunt Susan, and cousins Hannah and Emmett. I haven't been able to go to their house for a few years so I was due for a visit.

My grandparents decided that they wanted to go along with me and my mom took a day off work so she could attend as well, My grandparents headed up to Naperville on a Thursday afternoon, hung at her house for a few hours till she got home from work than we loaded up her things and off on the road we were. Harper did great on the trip going there because it got dark pretty quick after we started so she slept alot.

We arrived in Michigan around midnight and it was great to see everyone. During our visit we were able to see some of the kids activities which is always fun, and go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The art fair is so much fun and is right next ot the University of Michigan so while you are walking around you are also seeing the campus.

Here are so picture highlights from the trip
                                           Aunt Susan feeeding Harper at lunch one day!
                                           Coco, Poppy, and Hannah girl giving a big CHEESE
                                              Grammie and Crazy Ken
                                                   My sweet boy Emmett and I
                                               The Crazy Brother and Crazy Sister
                                               Harper's ride for the Art Fair, an umbrella stroller
                                           Harper's thoughts: " Mom get the camera out of my face please! "
                                          CoCo and Harper at the Prickly Pear
                                       Harper loved listening ot this guy play music on the streets!

It was a great trip, and we look forward to our next visit with the Michigan Turner's!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Door County Part 2

After a fun 1st night in Door County we woke up to a beautiful morning on Day 2. We decided that we wanted to do some more walking around the downtown area and try a place for lunch. So we threw on some clothes and headed out in the beautiful sunshine. I must add that when we left Iowa it was 100 out and by the time we got to Wisconsin it was 87 which was really perfect weather by the water!

The place we went for lunch specializes in delicious burgers and homemade brewed beer it was delicious. Here were my buddies at lunch!

This is Door County's very on brewed Cherry Wheat!! Very delicious on a summer day!

After lunch and some walking we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding! A bus came to each hotel to pick up the guest and then took us out to the bluff that the wedding was taking place at.
Here is where the ceremony took place
After the ceremony we took a few steps over to the reception area that was on the bluff as well.
                                          The Cocktail area right outside of the tent, they had high cocktail tables set-up, bags, and chairs. The stairs going down were down to the beach!
                                          Drinks were served in these cute mason jars with a festive straw!
                                                     My lovely Mom and I
                                              The beautiful table decor and setting!
Drink Stations
Loved these as the night went on and it got dark there were lights inside of them that turned on!

Such a wonderful time and great memories made!