Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some New Blogs To Follow


Well last night I was out at with some of my girlfriends at dinner and we started chatting about BLOGS!!!!!!

They are evolving the whole communication WORLD. As we got to talking we started sharing the different blogs that we follow so I wanted to share some of the GOLD MINES that were revealed to me last night. I am calling them GOLD MINES because theses new blogs ROCK!!!!!

Thanks girls for your dish and these great finds!!!!!!!!
This is a great blog all about design and life. This blogger is new and she is gaining followers FAST!!!!!!
This is a blog about FASHION. I love how the author of this blog posts pictures in different outfits so it is a great way to brainstorm different outfit options., also she has started a 30 day challenge where she picked a 30 pieces of clothing that she has to wear for the next 30 days, interesting challenge right?
This is my favorite type of blog that features a little bit of EVERYTHING from interior design, art, food, fashion, and a little bit of her personal life!!!

Well Hope you enjoy checking these out and some of the other ones that I have recently added!
Have a great Thursday everyone!

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sarah @ tiny bit of sparkle said...

hi erin! thanks so much for the shout out! loving your blog as well! :)