Wednesday, March 21, 2012

5 Months Old

It is hard for Joe and I to believe that baby Harper is already 5 months old. It seems like this time has flown by and she is really changing and growing EVERYDAY. Harper has brought so much joy to our lives and has made us realize what is really important in life!

Weight: 16.5lbs

Length: 25 inches long

Diapers: Finishing out our last box of size 2 than moving onto size 3 which are CRUISERS

Clothing: 9 months

Sleeping: Sleeps through the night and wakes up jabbering away in the morning. Usually she takes a short nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. From time to time she crys a little bit when we lay her down but overall she is doing great!

Eating: Her eating has really pickced up. She eats oatmeal ceral twice a day usally around 10 in the morning and than again at dinner around 6ish. She has also tried sweet potatoes, blueberries and pears, and apples and banana baby food. She LOVED them all!

Likes: Harper loves when someone holds her and reads books. Every morning I try to pick three different ones and that is what we do as soon as she is done eating her first bottle. She has really started to get into her toys as well. When I was in the hospital my grandparents brought her a doll that was very little and soft and she has strted to cuddle it when she falls asleep. Bath time is a favorite of Harpers as well and is included in her nightly routine! Flying!!!! She did great on the plane, loved looking out the window and snuggling with mom and dad.

Dislikes: Getting strapped into her carseat, Initially everytime I put her in she fusses but once we are moving or in the car she is good to go! Getting her nose cleaned out is one of the dreaded tasks, but how can you blame Harper girl for not liking it.

Changes this month: HARPER IS GETTING SO MOBILE She is rolling over and moves her body around when we carry her on our hip! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Freezer Cooking

Have you heard the buzz on other blogs and Pinterest about FREEZER COOKING?

Well I had been reading awhile about it and reseaching different tutorials and I found the most perfect one! The meals all sounded good to me, the grocery list was pre-made, and the recipes seemed doable!

So I set out set out one day to do my grocery shopping
The next day I set out all the dry goods
And on the third day I made 10 meals in 1 day!

Was it alot of work. . . . YES
Do I love having a freezer full of food so when I dont know what to cook I can pull from . . . . . YES
Do I think it has saved us money on eating out. . . . .YES

Here is my sweet cooking assistant

Here is the link to the tutorial with the recipes and the grocery list:

The list of meals I made:
-Taco Soup
-Wild Rice Chicken Soup
-Tator Tot Casserole
-Chicken Enchilidias
-Chicken and rice veggies
-Tortolleni Soup
-Upside down Fettucini bake
-Hawiian Pork

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's been awhile


It has been far to long since I last blog but as any blogger knows sometimes life is busy and different things take priority over blogging. The past 2 weeks of life have literally flown by and I am wanting to slow down for a bit. Joe is heading into multiple weeks of an intense workload so I am planning some fun activities and projects for Harper and I to tackle around the house/Davenport!!!

So much has happened since I last blogged:
-a little girl HRH (yes her initials stand for Her Royal Highness, HA HA) turned 5 months!
-we took a trip to Arizona
-we got to see a spring training Cubs game!
-my favorite holiday came and went HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY !!! Thanks for all the messages!
-my dear cousin Patrick got MARRIED
-Baby Food Making

So as you can guess I have lots to catch you up on! Make sure to check back often as the updates are coming SOON!
To tide you over till the next update here is a picture from the Cubs game we went to

From left to right: My cousin Kevin holding Harper, his girlfriend Claire, my cousin Grace, Me, Madeline in front of me, Joe next to me, and Caroline my cousin.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Very Hungry. . . . Harper

Guess who is eating away lately


We are on week 2 of Harper eating oatmeal/ceral for babies. I mix it with her formula and I have given her organic sweet potatoes as well. This second week I have seen a huge change with her eating the food. She is eating more and more and gets upset when it is all gone! This week I started two feedings a day one in the morning and one at dinner time.

I plan on making her baby food for the most part but bought a couple so I could check the consistency of the kind I make.

That video makes me laugh because of me doing baby talk to Harper.