Monday, October 25, 2010


Well today I write to the blogging world with a very happy heart- well that is if my heart could smile!!!!!!

Today as I woke up I was anxious and knew that the news I would receive today could change my world and my families world could change forever.

About 2 months ago my Grammie had her last chemo treatment. Approxialmely 10 months ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and had the maximum about of her colon taken out. Her road with chemo wasn't easy she met with setbacks, lose of feeling in her hands and feet, nausea, tiredness and having to give up her "normalicity" Through this journey I have learned so much from her.

Today she was at Mayo's for her body scan. Since her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes which travel throughout the body they initially told us that the cancer may be in other areas of her body.

Well, at 2:00 today I received the news of the body scan and these were the words my mom told me: CLEAR, every organ looks CLEAR. UNBELIEVABLE.

Happiness filled both our hearts and we realized that prayers are answered. They aren't always answered in the ways we want them to be but they eventually all get an answer. Our entire family is grateful for this wonderful blessing. Throughout the night there have been moments where it just hasn't seemed real, but it is.

Thank you to all those dear friends and family who prayed for Grammie, brought meals, came for visits, let us cry and be mad and were are pillars of strength.


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