Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Buried Life

Hi Bloggers,

Hope you have had a great week!!!!! Tomorrow is my "Friday" since I am off on Thursday and Friday.

Have you ever watched the show "The Buried Life" it is a show that MTV airs once a week about 4 guys that have a list of 100 things they want to do before they die. Each week they complete one of these tasks and grant someone else the ability to do something they want to do before they die.

We don't typically watch this show but the other day it got Joe and I think about that "What do we want to do before we die" We decided to each make list, we thought 100 things was a bit overdoing it on a Saturday so we decided to aim for 5.

Joe's Buried Life List
-Finish an Ironman Triathlon

-Run a marathon

-Get elected to political office

-See all my Grandchildren graduate college

-Patent an invention

Erin's Buried Life List
-Go to Ireland for a 2 week trip

-Watch my children run to their dad

-Write a book

-Take a mother/daughter trip

-Renew my marriage vows to my husband

Have you ever thought about what your "buried life list" would consist of??????
An interesting thought to ponder and brainstorm on how you will accomplish them.
I was most surprised by Joe's ambition to run for political office. He has mentioned it before but after he put it on his list and we talked more about it I realized his passion to make a difference and to be a leader for the youth. Joe was caught off on guard by my desire to renew our vows together. I have never mentioned that and he was interested on my desire to do that.

I recommend doing this for all.

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