Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend ReCap

Hello Bloggers,

This past weekend we headed up to Chicago for a couple of different things.

We love the Naperville area and with my mom living in Naperville we have been able to create so many memories with her there. You spoil us MOM!

Friday night we met at the Naperville train station and headed on the Metra to the United Center to watch the Bulls play the Dallas Mavericks. You might be wondering why we decided to go to this game ?????

Well Joe's cousin Adam is currently playing for the Dallas Mavericks. We are so proud of Adam!!!!! I am very close with my cousins and when I met Joe I realized he had a special relationship with Adam.

After the game we were able to visit with him and catch up on things!!!

After that we headed back on the train to Naperville and ended up in bed around 1:45. Saturday morning we woke up and Joey had a full day of football watching ahead of him and my mom and I had SHOPPING on our minds. We had lunch at a new restaurant called Basil- it was a Greek place and we laughed throughout the entire time. Joe headed back to the house for football and mom and I headed to the mall.Guess who was at the mall?? Stacy London the co-host from "What Not To Wear" We got to see her up close and in person and let me tell you she is tiny!!!! After that we came back to pick up Joe, we then headed to Downtown Naperville. We tried a new Cupcake place, and tried a few new bars and a wine tasting venue!!!  At home that night we made an All-American meal of steaks, veggies, and risotto.

It was a great weekend and everytime we head to Naperville my mom spoils us and we make great memories. Mom thanks for all your time and attention. We love you.


tracyellen said...

This post made me miss my own mom - my family lives in the Schaumburg area. I love when we're able to go out and visit them. I just we got to see them more often.

It's so sweet that you and your mom are so close.

Oh and congrats on getting married!

Erin said...

Thanks Tracy!!!!!!! It is great being married!!!!! How did those cupcakes turn out?