Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Time For Giving and A Time For Thanks

Good Evening Bloggers,

I hope you are staying warm on this November evening! The weather has taken a dramatic turn as yesterday it was in the 70's and today it is in the 30's only one word comes to mind with this swift change and that is

I am not a cold weather person but I am trying to embrace it as I know I have many cold winters ahead of me with things like boots, scarves, and hats!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Tomorrow we leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of our families (sorry Turners you will be missed and we cant wait to see you in the weeks to come) We will head to Indianola tomorrow afternoon and then off to Albia on Thursday afternoon. Joe and I have a tradition to hit up the Black Friday shopping together. I am so appreciative that we carve out this time during holidays for one another. Saturday we will be heading back to Davenport because on Sunday we are getting our Christmas Tree!!!!!!

Tonight I come to you with things I am thankful for and things I want to give:

I am thankful for my home that shelters me, welcomes me home, and supplies me with endless projects to tackle.
I would like to extend a big invitation to all family and  friends and say that I would like to give you an anytime invitation to the Haluska Home in Davenport, Iowa.

I am thankful for the family that I have that loves unconditionally, that makes time to spend with Joe and I, and that has helped us be the people we are today.
I would like to give my family an ounce back of the love that they have showed me.

I am thankful for my husband. Yes I know this is cliche but as I have learned this year life is so very precious and you shouldn't go a day without looking at your loved one and showering them with words of love.
I would like to give my husband my unconditional support. You are inspire me with your work ethic and you tenacity for life. CARPE DIEM Mr. Haluska!

I am thankful for memories. As I think back over the last 12 months I have some very found memories and I am cherish them whether they are from planning the wedding, spending time with family and friends, or from my garden being wilded away from a dirt virus they are special and they have made 2010 a blessing.
I would like to give memories to my family and my husband. I hope to continue the traditions and look forward to starting new one.

I am thankful for my momma. When I call my mom, momma this makes my grammie laugh so I am doing this for her. She has had a tough road parenting me by herself and I am thankful that she has stuck through all the good and bad with me.
I would like to give my mom my appreciation. You have always put me first and now you put Joe and I first. You are the purest form of unconditional love.

Finally I want to give thanks for life. The last 12 months have gone by so fast and at some times I am saddened because they seem like a blur. Other moments have had a lasting impression on me like the moment I walked down the isle to marry Joe, stepping off the plan in St. Lucia, juggling work and the responsibilities of being a wife, to enduring loss of loved one, seeing the pain it has caused in loved one, the loss of friendships, or the simple fact of Wrigley chewing one more sock. They all make up my life and I am grateful. Life is the mixing bowl of  good, bad, raw, and beautiful.

I wish all my blog readers a very blessed Thanksgiving. I hope that your time is precious with your families and that you are able to stop and smell the yummy turkey!!!

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