Friday, October 29, 2010

1 Year Ago Today. . . . . .

Hello Bloggers,

Well 1 Year Ago today I was driving home from a business trip in Wisconsin and i had NO IDEA what was going to change my life that night. All week while I had been gone Joey had been giving me clues that he was going to have a dog at the house when I got home that night- I told him many times PLEASE DONT DO THIS. When I got into town around 2:30 that afternoon I called him and told him I was going to go on some errands because we were having our annual Halloween Party the next day. He said well stop home and I will go with you. When I got the the front steps I saw 2 dog dishes- I FROZE! When I got inside I saw a dog cage in the dining room- I GOT MAD! My thoughts at this moment were " HOW COULD HE DO THIS?" "WHAT IS HE THINKING" I walked across the room and tore off the blanket that was covering the crate and found A RING BOX! with NOTHING IN IT and there was Joey with a bouquet of flowers and he was on one knee with the ring, and he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him  as his wife!!! That moment brings tears back to my eyes as I write this. IT was a moment that I had dreamt about for so long and it was followed by so many more amazing moments. Immediately after we called our dear family members and shared our good news. I will never forget the wonderful words that we heard from them. Mikey teasing me for crying like a baby, crying with my mom, screaming at the top of my lungs s my grammie could hear while she was on the train, nana's loving support, Adam saying "THANK THE LORD" Our good friend Jay Kraber was coming into town for the party that tonight and we had a great time celebrating and an amazing weekend sharing the news with our friends.

Thank you Joe Haluska for making me a JOYFUL HAPPY WIFE!!!!!
I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. You have such ambition and a great ability to love people. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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