Friday, November 19, 2010

What's On The Agenda!!!!

Good Morning Bloggers,

Happy Friday and I wish all of you a very happy and joyful weekend!!!!!!

Well I thought I would give you an update on what's being going on with the MR and the MRS.

This has week had literally BLOWN by, where did the time go I remember waking up Monday morning and that seems like it was just yesterday! Don't get me wrong though I am grateful to see the arrival of the weekend. HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO FRIDAY!!!!!

We have alot of fun things on the agenda for the weekend. Joe's brother Mikey arrives tonight for the weekend and we cant wait- we love having house guests!!!!!
Joe's project at work went out this week so he is ready for the weekend as well!! Hopefully he can cut out of work early today and enjoy some ESPN!!!!! YOU ROCK HUBBY THANKS FOR WORKING SO HARD.

And you might be wondering what today holds for me. . .. Well typically on my Friday's off I enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the TODAY show!!! Then I tackle laundry and cleaning! This afternoon I am getting the big SNIP SNIP- a HAIRCUT I am debating on what to do, I have to different styles picked out so you who knows what I will decide to do!!!!!

Saturday the boys plan to watch some of the football games and I plan on heading to MENARDS they are having a great sale on Benjamin Moore paint (thanks Poppy for this hint hint) and I WILL BE WALKING OUT WITH PAINT no second guessing or looking again I am making a decision.
Up for Saturday night I must keep that under wraps since it involves the HUBBY!!!!!! If you read this blog you probably already know the deal!

Also I haven't mentioned our other housemate and that is WRIGLEY aka THE WRIGSTER. He is currently attending K9 University for dog obedience. He is progressing and reminds every Tuesday night that a puppy is a puppy until they are 2- guess that means we have another year of puppyhood to muddle through! One of the main things we are working on is that when guest come to the door getting Wrigley to stay in one place and not hound the people coming through the door. That task is still a work in progress but we have faith in him!!!! WE also have to wish Wrigley a HAPPY BIRTHDAY he turns one the same day that Joe turns 27-how ironic?

So that is what is on the agenda for this weekend!! Is there anything you are looking forward to for the weekend?????

Have a great one!!!!!!!!!

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