Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph Steven Haluska!

Happy Birthday Joseph Steven Haluska

27 years isn't looking so shabby!!!!!

 The brothers getting ready to head out for an afternoon of football and wings!!! Cant get much better than that!
Heading out for Joe's birthday celebration with friends
Happy Birthday to my best friend and hubby- Joe!!!!

You make me so proud to be your wife! This is our first birthday as husband and wife and I cant wait for all the future ones we will have together. You are a man that loves unconditional and that inspires others to do the same. You are a man that works extremely hard to accomplish your goals and for your loved one. You are a man that shows the ability to show kindness and consideration at difficult times. You are a husband that takes your vows seriously and reminds me everyday why marriage is worth the work. You are a husband that protects and supports which is priceless.

We love you Joe Haluska, thank you for blessing us with you love and companionship.
Your Wife- E

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Margaret said...

I love today's blog!!! Happy Birthday Joseph Steven!!!!!