Monday, November 1, 2010

Pre Party Planning

Hello Bloggers,

Happy November!!! Can you believe it is November???? Oh how the time flies when you are enjoying the ride. Well we have PARTY on the brain this week. This upcoming weekend we will be hosting a wine/appetizer birthday party for my dear friend Jessica. I am really looking forward to this!!!!!!!!!! I have been plotting for two weeks on what this will consist of. I thought I would share some PRE PARTY PLANNING information for the big galla.

First of all I have been collecting different wines from Chicago. Joey will be featuring the RED's and I will be featuring the WHITE'S. When the guests get here they will be given a wine guide which will have a list of the wines and a brief description. I almost have the menu done which I thought I would post later this week and see what you all thought about. The one thing I am struggling with is a color theme for decor???? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Well if you are a win-o like us let us know of any reasonably priced wines that you would recommend, I would love to hear of them!!!!!! Also I recently started reading a new blog called The Reluctant Entertainer, so great and she just published her first book (way to go girl!) Guess who added it to her Christmas List!!! Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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