Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Will Make You CRY and SMILE

I watched this over the weekend and CRIED and SMILED!!
It is so sweet and precious and will make your heart smile


What a wonderful way to remember this special moment!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Visit to Grandpa and Grandma

Recently Joey had some training in the Des Moines area so we decided to make it a little vacation to Grandpa and Grandma Zanoni's house!

Grandma took a day off work and the girls had a fun filled day. First we were off to show Harper off to her office! Then out to Momma's favorite restaurant in Des Moines HuHot! Yum so good. After that a trip to Homemakers and then off to Jordan Creek. Guess who Grandma and I loved shopping for. . . . . HARPER

At night we would grill out and watch THE VOICE and skype with Kelsey in Hawiia.

Harper got lots of kisses and spoiling while we were there!! We cant wait for our next visit!

                                   At the Zanoni wedding in Rockford the weekend before our visit
                                       Hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma at the wedding.
                                     Harper with her cousin Gabby who is about a month younger.
                                       Grandma and Harper making each other laugh!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Very First Mother's Day

It is hard to believe but I celebrated my very first Mother's Day a few weeks ago!!!

It was the perfect day.

Not because I had a trip to the spa.

Or a new purse

It was the perfect day because I have an amazingly healthy, bright, sweet daughter!!!

Motherhood is an ever evolving role that changes from moment to moment. At times I doubt every decision I make for my sweet Harper girl. The other day a few moms were telling me about water that you should use when making bottles for the baby. Here I am 7 months into motherhood and I have never heard of this. AHHHH How could I of not known about this? Then there are moments when Harper smiles, cries, or looks at me that I feel this incredible pull like there is an imaginary string between us that only the two of us know what is going on and what each other is thinking.

I have dreamt and prayed for so long to be a mother and here it is. At times motherhood is overwhelming for conflicting reasons. At times my heart feels so much love it could burst and at other times I feel like I am juggling so many balls in the air that at any moment they are going to come crashing down.

My very first Mother's day was perfection. The weather was beautiful. My husband spoiled me with breakfast and as the cook in our family that is a TREAT! Along with breakfast he greeted me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are still in my house and I have so enjoyed them because every time I look at them I think of my MR. After breakfast we went for a big walk along the river. It was wonderful. Out sweet family of 3 is the perfect fit! After our walk we headed out to lunch where we sat outside and soaked up some more sunshine! After lunch back home we went where we headed outside in our newly fenced yard and had a few cocktails for daddy and mommy and some playing in the water for Harper girl! After that Harper and I took a big nap!

Thank you Joey for such a perfect day! You bless Harper and I with your work ethic, endless love, and care everyday.

                                                              Harper and I along the river
Our family of 3

Harper and I soaking up the sun! Yes I swear I have a bathing suit on it is just funny looking the way in the picture!

My sweet girl

Harper trying a natural fruit posicle and she loved it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

7 Months Old

How can my baby girl be 7 months old already???

The time is flying by and I see changes every couple of days!

Weight: 20lbs

Length: 28 inches long

Sleeping: For the most part Harper is an excellent sleeper. Last week though she did not have a great week. She woke up once a night and cried so hard that I had to go in. After a week of this Joey and I realized how blessed we are to have a baby who normally sleeps well because we were both exhausted.

Eating: This girl loves to eat!! She has 4-5 bottles a day. Cereal after her first bottle, a GoGo Squeeze mid morning, veggies when she wakes up from her afternoon nap and then another helping of veggies when we eat dinner.

Some of Harper's Favorite things: Harper still loves her bath time!!!! She gets so excited when we come into the bathroom that she starts bouncing up and down! She now also like to sit on the floor and play with her toys and watch Wrigley walk around. Harper's new accomplishment is her sippy cup! I just got it for her last week and she had been doing a great job with it! Most of the time she givers herself her bottles now as well.

Clothes: Mostly 12 months

Diaper: Finishing up our last pack of 3 and moving onto 4

Here are just a few more pictures from her 7 month birthday!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Few Of My Faves

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours went by way to fast but we were able to squeeze in lots of fun things and more fun is coming up this next weekend!

Today I wanted to post a few of my favorite things.

First up the sock bun. A while ago I took a trip to Chicago for the weekend and a friend showed me how to do a sock bun and then followed up by sending along a link so I could perfect the look.
This is a sock bun if you haven't seen it yet:
You can leave it loose or slick it back Kardashian style!
If you are wanting to see how you can create this look, here is a tutorial on it:

Next Up:
My World Market furniture
Laguna Occasional Outdoor Collection | World Market
We are spending so much time out on the front porch and the deck so far this summer! I got a great deal on this set last summer and I am so glad I decided to go with it!

and finally

WATERMELON I broke down last week and bought half of one and I have pinned over every bite of it! Thanks Joe for letting it be all mine!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This Girl Loves To Eat

Harper Regina is an eater. She looks forward to getting fed everyday and recently has started to get so excited when she sees her food she starts bouncing up and down. I do a mixture of store bought food and baby food made at home and she likes both of them equally.

Whether it is cereal in the morning:
Or sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, peaches, apples

She is one very happy girl and usually after she gets done eating she loves to do this:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A visit to the Lake

A while back Harper and I headed up to spend some time with the She She's at their Lake House in Carroll, IL. We had a great time walking to down to the Lake front, playing games, turning the music up, playing cards and hanging in the hot tub!! Of course Harper got spoiled with lots of extra love, kisses, and hugs from her favorite Blondie's!

                                                           Grace and Harper girl getting ready for the hot tub!

God momma Sue did a little personal photo shoot with Harper girl aren't these cute close up's in her swimsuit??

We cant wait to go visit the Wheaton Turner's again at the Lake!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: Night Road

Night Road

Recently I had a birthday and my Aunt got me some new books to read! It is just what I needed because I haven't read a book in months and I needed to dive in a good one! Night Road will not leave you disappointed, I finished the book in 3 days thank goodness we were on the road this past weekend visiting family which allowed me some extra downtime that I usually don't have!

Night Road is written by Kristin Hannah who has been writing for over 20 years and has a slew of popular books out on the market to read.

Here is a brief description of the book:

For a mother, life comes down to a series of choices.
To hold on…
To let go..
To forget…
To forgive…
Which road will you take?

For eighteen years, Jude Farraday has put her children’s needs above her own, and it shows—her twins, Mia and Zach—are bright and happy teenagers. When Lexi Baill moves into their small, close knit community, no one is more welcoming than Jude. Lexi, a former foster child with a dark past, quickly becomes Mia’s best friend. Then Zach falls in love with Lexi and the three become inseparable.

Jude does everything to keep her kids on track for college and out of harm’s way. It has always been easy-- until senior year of high school. Suddenly she is at a loss. Nothing feels safe anymore; every time her kids leave the house, she worries about them.

On a hot summer’s night her worst fears come true. One decision will change the course of their lives. In the blink of an eye, the Farraday family will be torn apart and Lexi will lose everything. In the years that follow, each must face the consequences of that single night and find a way to forget…or the courage to forgive.

Vivid, universal, and emotionally complex, NIGHT ROAD raises profound questions about motherhood, identity, love, and forgiveness. It is a luminous, heartbreaking novel that captures both the exquisite pain of loss and the stunning power of hope. This is Kristin Hannah at her very best, telling an unforgettable story about the longing for family, the resilience of the human heart, and the courage it takes to forgive the people we love.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

6 Months

Good Morning,

It has been far to long since I have blogged and to be honest I have contemplated taking a break from Turner's Take for several different reasons. Life has been super busy and the desire to blog hasnt been there when the house projects have been going on, the weather is warming up, and my little girl is getting bigger and changing everyday. However I decided to take the pressure off and when I blog I blog and when I don;t- I dont that is ok to.

Harper celebrated her 6 month half birthday a few weeks ago! Her and I had a special day together getting in lots of kisses and hugs and a trip to the doctor. She is really start to change in so many ways laughing, jabbering more, sitting up, rolling over, pulling and holding onto everything, my little girl is growing up and I am so glad I get to wake up with her everday!

Length:27 1/2 inches

Weight: 16.6 pounds

Diaper Size: 3

Clothes: She is so LONG! she is in 9 months but I don't think for long as her toes are starting to stretch out of those as well!

Favorite times: This girl loves to be in the bath!!! She gets so excited when she is in the bathroom and the tub is filling up. She is getting way to big for her baby bath so mommy and Harper usually hang out together in the tub together. She loves to be in her jumperoo, once she starts jumping around she cant stop.
Food: She loves her oatmeal cereal in the morning and baby food. I have done a combination of making my own and buying organic. She likes both so that makes it pretty easy for Mommy.

Sleeping: In the last month she has really started to become a napper. Before she would maybe nap for 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes in the afternoon but that has changed and she now can be laid down in her crib with her rabbit and blanket and she is good to go. Sometimes I turn on her skylight which shows images on the ceiling of her room if she is really awake and that helps her fall asleep. She is still a great night sleeper which we are very grateful for.

New things:  Harper is so into toys, rolling over, and sitting up! She loves to hold on to my hair, necklace, her daddy's shirt. If we aren't moving she like to be surrounded by toys!

I will be back tomorrow with a new book recommendation! Have a great day!