Sunday, November 28, 2010

Home Once Again

Good Evening,

As I write this post I am sitting in front of a roaring fire with Wrigley on one side and a glass of wine on the other. In my opinion a great way to end the long weekend.  Is there a specific location or regime that you follow when you write your posts??? I would love to hear about them.

We are home from another holiday visiting family for Thanksgiving. We are grateful to of had so much time with our loved ones and for our safe arrival and return.  We were able to see lots of family, and see some of Joe's friends while we were back in Albia.

I always look forward to Thanksgiving because I view it as the opening ceremony for many family gatherings and lots of holiday decorating. Today we got our Christmas tree, did some decorating and I couldn't be happier to be in my home. I think it is true Home is where the Heart is.

I am digging the smell of our real tree right now, I always do! It is so symbolic of the holiday season kicking off.  Our house is full of that sweet pine smell right now and I am already looking forward to heading out the door tomorrow to the sweet smell of our tree.

If you have a real tree this year I have a tip for you.Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in your water mixture 1-2 weekly when you are watering your tree. It will keep it soft and alive.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Later on this week I will be posting:
-Irish Chicken and Dumplings
-The Haluska Home decorated for Christmas!
-Video Log

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Have a great Monday everyone!

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