Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedding Update

Can you believe the month of June is over??????????????/ I am in denial, but I plan on soaking up all of July because I know August is going to fly by!!!!!

Everything with the wedding is going very well!! We are in full force execution mood! Every night after work, I am working on projects, this past weekend I got to see in person what alot of my decor is going to look like thanks to my wedding fairy Candi Bengston! This week has been full of invitation stuffing and I cant wait for people to start to receive them. I thought I would take pictures of things and give a preview of what to expect but I have decided against it because I thought it would be more fun to save till the read deal.
Overall I am feeling pretty good on where I am at, of course I would love to cross some big To Do's off my list and hopefully after this weekend I will be able to.
Everyone keeps asking me if it has hit me yet, or if I am stressed. I am trying to remember that I am only doing this ONCE and why am I doing this to have a big party NO but to marry my best friend!!!
On the horizon for the wedding planning, make-up trial, finishing decor, seating arrangements, one more shower, and then Let The Party Begin!!!
A Very Fun Post Coming Tomorrow!!!!! If you need some new recipes make sure to check it out!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cherry Jubilee

This is what eating cherries on a hot summer day looks like:

Dont you love it??
I really didn't know what the She She's would think of cherries but I had a huge bag of them from the Farmers Market and they LOVED them. Especially Madeline Jane. She couldn't get enough of them. I had to get this picture of her because I would try taking the pit out for her and she didn't like that and then this is what we ended up with.
I love Cherries!!!
When I was growing up I had a big Cherry tree in my backyard and I would play forever under the tree eating the cherries.
Someday I hope to have another cherry tree, or maybe an orchard???!!!!!
Till next time fellow bloggers!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Road Trip

Well this past weekend we were Road Trippin it to Carroll, Iowa!!!!!!!!

I tell you I will drive all over to get the perfect dress, the perfect WEDDING DRESS that is.

Last Thursday we loaded into the car, my mom, my flowergirl Madeline Jane, and Joe. We arrived in Carroll around 6 and started the Birthday celebration for Jerzey Dawn. The girls loved each other immediately. I was so happy especially now with the wedding being right around the corner now they will have a ball together.

The Dress fitting went very well!!!! I found shoes and my earnings went well. Now it is on to the veil and a braclet. I am really stricking out in the veil department I havent found anything that I really like yet and am not ready to settle just yet. Here are some pictures from our road trip which was filled with laughs, naps, singing glee, drinks, snacks, and bathroom breaks!!!!!
Such Great Times!!!!! I love these girls!! They make me smile!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Recent Cry

If you know me then you know this one thing about me. . . . .I cry, I cry alot, I cry at sad and HAPPY things. It is who I am!!!! I can cry at the Oprah show, commercial, movies, cards, songs, family gatherings, goodbyes, and hellos. What can I say except I CRY

Awhile back my mom gave me a gift, she is so good to me because she knows me to a T. I love stationary. I love the different types and for a long time I have collected all sorts so when I need to send something out I have them. To me writing and receiving mail is a past time that should be used more often. Anyways, so my mom says to me I have something for you and this is what I got. . . .

Beautiful new stationary wiht my new last name initial!!!!!

Immediately when I saw it guess what happened, My eyes filled with tears. First I took it as such a kind gesture from her. She loves Joe and couldn't happier for us. Secondly it hit me that I AM GETTING MARRIED! No this doesn't make me sad, it is a great event and seems like a dream of mine is coming true. Lastly as I have glanced over the stationary I have realized H- Haluska is who I am becoming I will always be a Turner but now I am a Haluska forever as well.
Till next time bloggers!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010




I have been a bad blogger lately. Life has picked up, and speeding by lately!!!!!!!! Getting back from California lead into many events!!! SO Here is a recap and a look into some posts that are on the way.

Well first upon getting back from Cali, I headed out on a business trip to Orlando, Florida. It was a great trip. I stayed at a hotel that overlooked Epcot so every night I got to enjoy the fireworks. I also toured Downtown Disney both nights. It is my goal to go back to Disney and do more parks in 2015- What can I say I am a planner!!!!

After that I had my FIRST shower. The shower was thrown by 3 wonderful aunts. They had it at a Victorian Tea Room which was beautiful, they decorated the tables in my wedding colors PINK and BROWN.A delicious lunch was served, then everyone introduced themselves, a honey-do game, and gift opening. My grandparents had everyone back to their house for a cocktail party, and my family ended the evening by re-opening all the gifts.

After that Joe and I had our Bachelor/Bachellorette Party. We headed to Des Moines, Iowa for a fun filled night. The day started with the guys golfing, while the ladies did a wine tasting, and got pedicures. After that we headed back to the hotel and got ready for our big night out on the town. We were joined with friends from the quad cities, people from my hometown, joey's childhood friends, and family. WE ARE BLESSED!!!!!! We Had dinner at Bravo and then headed over to Tonic for more fun!!!!!!!
It was a great time!!!!
Now on to my first DRESS FITTING, yes we will be making the big trip this weekend to Carroll Iowa for my first fitting. I excited/anxious to get it on. We are fitting in some time with family on this trip which even makes it more special!!!!!
I promise after this weekend I have some big ideas for the blog and I already have some posts ready to come out, Here's what you have to look forward to:
Future Post:
-A Recent Cry
-Cherry Jubilee
-Wedding Update
-Nineteen Minutes- Book Review
-Road Trip
Hope all of you are doing well!!!!!!!!