Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Turner's Take


I am very excited to begin this journey of BLOGGING!!! Last year I started reading blogs when a family member was overseas as a way to keep in touch. Ever since this period I have become an avid reader of all types of blogs including family, friends, DIY, fashion, cooking and many more. The goal of my blog is to share my life with the people I cherish, to gain insight and perspective from the adventure we call LIFE.

I think I will begin with a little background on myself and an update as to what is going on in my life! First of all I am a devout Irish-Catholic girl and ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that my favorite day of the year is MARCH 17!!!! I am originally from Rockford, IL but a few years ago made the move to IOWA. I never would of guessed that this is where I would end up but in the last year I have fallen truly in love with this place and the people in it. It is funny how some of the most unexpected twists and turns in life's "yellow brick road" turn out to be positive. Turning 25 this year wasn't as hard as I had expected but at times I am still amazed that my twenties are half over . Where has all the time gone to???

After moving to Davenport, Iowa; I began college, started working in HR and met many fabulous people. *DISCLAIMER FOR NON IOWANS: NOT ALL OF IOWA IS A CORN FIELD.* There are many great people, places, culture, entertainment, shopping etc. all throughout Iowa. During the past year I have become very acclimated with Iowa vising all kinds of places. I have a growing love for Des Monies and the Jordan Creek area. I am a big cheerleader for the Carroll Tigers, I was once lost in Albia, Iowa, there are great people besides Indians in Indianolia, and many great things besides Dutch dancing in Pella. Iowa is a blast and the rolling hills make the road trips a never ending sight-seeing adventure. I wonder what new adventures in Iowa I will have this year!!

I have always been a family girl! My mom is a constant in my life and my best gal pal. She recently moved to Naperville, IL although I miss our weekly lunches, I LOVE our home in Naperville and soak up all of the city life when I am there. My grandparents (Poppy and Grammie) live about thirty minutes away and my daily phone chats with them brighten my days. I haven't mentioned someone very important to this point and his name is Joe Haluska. I meet Joe almost two years ago when I was introduced to him at a Christmas party. Although I have enjoyed Iowa, Joe is by far the shining star among it. He is more than a boyfriend to me but my best friend and I will try not to be to sappy about him on here! Pictures to come of all the lovely people in my life very soon.

Some of the highlights I hope to include in my blog are a "weekly pick" This will feature something that I am promoting or has come in hand lately. I am an enthusiastic reader so I hope to post book recommendations and updates on what I am currently reading. Besides these weekly posts I hope to make my readers smile, laugh, and feel inspired. Feel free to comment on anything and EVERTHING!!!