Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Months Old

How can my sweet girl be 11 months old, almost a whole year old? This time has gone by so fast!

11 Months Old

Weight: 21 pounds even

Length:29 inches

Diaper Size: 4

Clothing: 12-18 Months ( I recently paced away a bunch of her clothes that didnt fit anymore)

Food: Harper is still loving to eat but has started doing a new trick when she eats. When Harper doesn't want anymore she will shake her head or cover her mouth. To say the least her personality is really coming through at mealtimes. We have started to wean her from her bottles. She is doing great and we are so proud of her. Harper does still love to try whatever someone else is eating she will literally try calling up you if you are eating something.

Sleeping: Still does a great job. We recently moved her crib so it was flat against the wall and not angled anymore because she was throwing all her pacis behind her crib. She still takes two naps a day and goes to bed around 745 every night.

One of Harper's favorite new toys is her grocery cart. She loves to put toys inside of it and than sit inside of it while Joe or I push her around the house!

Harper has completely mastered the stairs and can climb up them in a breeze. She is working on standing by herself and no walking yet!

Harper's first birthday party is coming up quick we are in fill party planning mode around the house and so excited to celebrate her special day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laugh Attack

What a joy it is to get to spend everyday with this precious girl!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Harper's Spot

When we were in Chicago for our anniversary day CoCo got out a special surprise for Harper girl, which she LOVED!

When I was growing up I had a special chair, a rocking chair that I loved to sit in and play and read books! My mom has kept it all these years and decided that it will be Harper's spot at her house!

Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Anniversary Celebration-Part 2

Here is the conclusion to our anniversary celebration

After dinner we headed to a close bar to RPM which happened to be Harry Caray's. Joe and I love the Cubs so we saw it very fitting to go there.

                                          Joe with the one and the only, drinking one for his Papa
                                         For our dearest CoCo who is the best Cubs fan we know!!!
 After a quick drink here we headed off for the big conclusion to the evening which was an architectural  tour along Lake Michigan of Chicago. It was perfect because I have always wanted to do this and it was at sunset which made it perfect. The boat we went on had a bar which was a PLUS and we meet some fun people.

It was an amazing time and I couldn't be more thankful for 2 years of being married to my best friend!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2nd Anniversary Celebration

It is hard for me to believe that it has already been 2 years since Joe and I were married! What a beautiful day it was with pink and brown being our colors, our sweet family and friends that surrounded us on that day and to my dear husband for your unconditional love and support.

Joey is really good at spoiling me. For our anniversary this year he had plans in place for some time. All I was told until the day before our getaway was that my mom would be taking care of Harper and that he had lots of stuff planned for us in "THE CITY" translation heading into Chicago!!! Just the idea of spending the day in Chicago was perfection whatever the specific plans were was the icing on the cake!!!

Saturday morning we got up Harper and CoCo took us to the train station in Naperville and she even had screwdrivers(orange juice and vodka, yes they let you drink on the train) made up for us. We kissed them both goodbye and started our journey into the city.
                                                                    (train ride photo)

When we arrived and stepped out of the train station. It was a beautiful day in the city. The sun was shining it wasn't to warm and it was buzzing!
The first place we headed to was the bean in Millennium Park.

After taking our picture in front of the bean we headed down to the lunch area called Central Park Grill. I decided to have a classic Chicago lunch of a Chicago hot dog. It was so great sitting outside for lunch.
After lunch the journey continued down Michigan Ave to bar 679 in the Omni Hotel. It has a great view of Michigan Ave and Joe and I love it there.
Joe loved how they served his beer in this glass I need to find these somewhere!
After 679 we headed down to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse. Believe it or not it was gorgeous. Joey was in Heaven and wanted to kiss the floor when he walked in. The drinks were so fun too.
Joey's Pick:
 Erin's Pick
Both were delicious and the food looked good too! Our next destination was Pops Champagne. It is a beautiful bar that features a vast array of Champagne. We decided to go with a Cranberry Champagne that we both loved. I could drink Champagne everyday!
After Pops, we wanted to go to Trump Tower because we had heard they had a beautiful outdoor bar that had a great view. The rumors did not disappoint.

After the Trump Tower it was time to head for dinner which I was beyond excited for. Joey had made reservations at RPM. It is a new Italian restaurant that Bill and Guiliana Ranic opened in Chicago and it has gotten amazing reviews. We had an amazing dishes and we both can't wait to go back.

The drink I am drinking above is Bill Ranic's speciality it is limencello sherbert and champagne! Delicious!
After our dinner we had a short amount of time before the conclusion of our trip so we headed to
Part 2 is coming tomorrow! Check back in!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What's Been Happening

Hello Blog Friends,

Life has been super busy.this past Monday afternoon we got home from a 4 day trip on the road celebrating Joey's grandma's 80th birthday party and seeing his sister who lives in HI!!!

We packed everyday full of seeing family and celebrating. Tuesday though things took a turn for the worse. This momma woke up with a flu bug and hives, daddy has a cold, and harper has a cold but we think it is due to teething. Needless to say it was a pajama(aka lazy day) for Harper and Momma.

I have so much to update you on though.
Tomorrow I will be posting about our 2 year anniversary celebration in Chicago
And Friday I have my first DIY post to share with you!!

D I have you excited?

Have a great day!