Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Knowing When To Cut Your Loses

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Well today I come with some thoughts, feelings, opinions. Take them for what they are worth and if you don't agree don't take them at all. Before you read the below portion let me say the following this is not in an angry or bitter tone rather this is a self-discovery and acceptance.

Recently I have been in some Mentor training at work and it has been extremely helpful in many techniques. The title of the post "Knowing When To Cut Your Loses" comes at a time that I have been faced with challenges. Challenges from work, co-workers, friendships, relationships with family members. All of these relationships are important and I value them dearly but with these--we will call them "hurdles" come stress and fractures in the relationships. I am a worrier. When something isn't right I worry. For awhile I have been trying to solve, these "hurdles" and I have come to no-avail with the situations. Through this training that I have been to I have come to the conclusion that we as individuals are the only ones in control of our feelings and reactions. Whatever someone says, does, doesn't do, doesn't say, can't determine my emotions. Knowing when to cut your loses is a fine line of putting forth your best effort, being honest, and coming to the realization that sometimes even though you may have tried your hardest there is nothing else you can do. With age and these recent hurdles I have come to realize that  Quality is better than Quantity. I have always been a person that has preferred a few quality friends, co-workers, and peers rather than MANY that aren't genuine. Overall I am to the point with these hurdles that I have put my best foot forward and I can only control my emotions and actions. Secondly I want to say that worrying only gets you one thing and that is stress. Worrying doesn't work. Period.  In the end for me now that I have these hurdles in my "rear view" mirror I know that I can truly start moving forward.

Have a great day bloggers!

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