Friday, July 29, 2011

BixFest 2011 Doing 7 in 11

Good Morning Blogland,

Have you heard of the Bix Hill, this is a picture of it but you cant clearly see the it. It is my favorite part of the race due to the music, people cheering, and energy in the air!!!

Well the weekend has arrived!! We have a great weekend ahead of us. For he past three years we have done the Bix and love the tradition that we have started with Joey's dad and stepmom Tammy.

This weekend is all about spending time together and enjoying all the festivities of Davenport.

We love having houseguest and Joe and Tammy know that so they make frequent trips to see us during the year. Tonight we will be having a big pasta dinner and Saturday we plan to have a cookout!!

Joe, Tammy and Joey will be running the full 7 miles and I will be doing the QuickBix 2 mile walk!

I love watching them come in at the finish line and then we get to hang out at the after party which is always fun!

Look out for pictures from the event next week!

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