Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby Talk

Good Morning,

I plan to do a recap soon of our 4th Of July because it was GREAT! But today I wanted to cover some baby topics.

first up: Diapers. Did you know that in the first year of life a baby goes through 3,000 diapers WOW I was pondering cloth diapers but the more I read, the more anxious I got about it. I did however find a great site to order diapers on for great price, They actually have the 7th generation diapers which aren't so bad for the environment.

Secondly: Breast feeding. Yikes I am nervous. Before becoming pregnant I never thought I would do this but one we knew we were going from 2 to 3 Istarted thinking more about it and couldn't say no when I knew it was the best thing for baby and me. I am hoping this sweet baby thinks the same thing as well. Here is my motto for it: If it works great, if it doesn't it isn't the end of the world.

Next Up: Names. This past week while soaking up some sun I gave into hubby's demands and finalized our list for the hospital. We have a boy and girl list and we both have our favorites. I am confidenant that when we meet the baby we will know what name is perfect.

Finally: Nursery. Well, we will be turning one of our upstairs bedroom into the nursery. I have been searching sites for ideas and different bedding. This past weekend we made our first purchase for the room and that is THE CRIB. It is beautiful and I love the color of it. It made the bAby thing seem even more real. we have one more guest who will sleep in the room next weekend, then we will begin the transformation of the room with paint, decor and furniture. I can't wait to show the boy and girl bedding to you all and a few of the things that I am working on for the room.

Have a great day!

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O.squared. said...

I learn so much from your blog and enjoy it all at the same time! :) You rock!