Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five

Yes I know what you are thinking "Erin we thought you said a baby H update for today?"

Well that was the plan, but when we went to take the picture last night the camera was completely dead. So no baby update today but rather a mis-mash of other stuff!

Hope you enjoy!

First up Guess what I have been thinking about lately?
St. Lucia the destination that we went to for our honeymoon and all the wonderful days we had their!! Oh the sand, water, food and so many more!!!!!!
Guess what though our sweet baby already has plans to be flying when he/she is only 5 1/2 months dont worry I will keep you posted on where we are going as it gets closer!

2. Tailgating

This is from a few years ago and it was such a FUN day!! I dont think I will be doing alot of tailgating before Baby H arrives but I hope to get in maybe one or two games!

3. Weddings!
We have a flurry of weddings coming up!! I am really excited for them though because one is a family wedding and the other is for our friends and we will see a bunch of our friends that we haven't seen in a long time!!!

Oh yes the Bix is right around the corner. I am doing the QuickBix which is the two mile walk! I am excited for it! We have family coming in for town so that will make it another memorable Bix. I love the Bix due to all the street fairs and people watching!! Good times are ahead!

5. And finally. . . this guy

He is simply the best! He is such a hard worker, loves unconditionally, and is MY VERY BEST FRIEND!!!!

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