Wednesday, July 27, 2011

28 Weeks and Counting!!!!


Well today marks a big day!! 28 weeks marks the beginning of the third trimester!!!!

I cant believe it has gone by so fast!!!!! I feel like just yesterday we were telling people that we were expecting, now we are prepping the room for this little baby and dreaming about our future with this blessing!

28 Weeks
Here I am at 28 weeks we were getting ready to go to a work function for Joey, yes this is my bump update with makeup! Ha Ha Ha

What's going on with Baby H :
This week baby H has reached 2 1/2 pounds and may be 16 inches long ( we know this is true for our baby since it has been long from the beginning) Baby is learning to Blink this week along with coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking practice breaths, The lungs are nearly fully developed mature by now making it easier for your baby to breath.

What's new with Momma H:
I am feeling great!!! I think pregnancy suits me!! It is all about the mindset in my opinion. Clothes are mainly summer dresses, yoga pants, and maternity jeans!!!!  Sleeping has become a new challenge. Baby H seems to start a dance party around 10:30 and shuts it down around 4:30. Sometimes I am able to sleep through it other times I cant. I try not to keep Joey up but I think it must be hard for him to sleep through all the tossing and turning that I do.

Still fresh fruit but now sour things. Sour patch kids don't do the trick the anymore so I am on the search for a new kind of sour.

So excited to show it off to all of you!! It is coming together and the MR has worked very hard on it!
Here is the dad to be:

Babies R Us had an incredible deal on diapers so I picked up our first package of newborn diapers and we couldn't stop laughing/.smiling over the size it is so small!!!!!!! It literally fit inside of Joe's palm.

Have a great day!

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O.squared. said...

I had to get all caught up with Turner's Take for the week, so I went this one! Thanks for sharing all the "newness" in the world of the Haluskas! Baby H is very loved already.