Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Recap

Good Morning,

Another Bix completed!!!!!! Yesterday Joe announced "only 365 days till the next Bix" can you tell this guy loves to run!

It was a great weekend, beautiful weather, and lots of time with family!

Along with Joe's Dad and Tammy we were joined by his uncle Steve and Kim from the Haluska side and his Cousin Adam for the race. I feel great that I was able to complete the 2 mile Quick Bix!! The finish line looked so good!

It was great to see the Haluska's and cant wait for more family time with them this coming weekend!
Enjoy the pictures:

                                              Getting Ready for the Big Race!!!!!!
                                          Heading up the Hill, I love this shot and all the people!
                                         The Haluska's in the walking group with me heading up the hill
                                             After the race, feeling GREAT
                                             Joe, I and Baby H our first Bix as a threesome! NO I swear we didn't plan on matching outfits!!!

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