Thursday, June 30, 2011

Have You Heard Of A Babymoon?


Well the other day the Today show featured a segment called Babymoon, have you heard of this?

I hadn't until this last month on a few blogs with expectant mothers talking about their baby moon.

Ok so a baby moon is a when parents to be take a trip before the mother reaches 34 weeks to connect and share time before the new baby arrives.

Wel this whole idea must not to be new because when I searched it I found tons of websites like this:

that aid couples in planning their Babymoon.

So are you wonding if the Mr. And I are going on one? Well the answer to that would be more than likely no.
My family takes an annual vacation and this year they are heading to North Carolina. We thought about going but the drive is 20 plus hours and I would be flying back while in my third trimester, oh how we will miss all of them but we will e there next year with the babe.

Secondly, our summer is jam packed! Can anybody believe that June is almost over. our July is pretty booked, and right now August only has one weekend free. We are going to trytofit in a few fun things.
What do you think of the idea of a Babymoon?

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