Friday, February 11, 2011

Living A Life With Intention

Good Morning,

Happy Friday!!!! The weekend is Here!!! Yeah!!!! Hopefully you have fun things planned for the weekend.

Today's post was inspired from another blog that I follow called Makeunder My Life-

She is a Jewelry designer that lives in Chicago and started her business years ago and started a blog about living a life with INTENTION! I love this. For awhile I have been following her blog and have really started thinking about things she has posted. Recently followers have started posting their intentions for life on the blog so I decided what better way to leave you for the weekend but with with my INTENTIONS for LIFE.
1. To be a good Wife. Short sentence BIG TASK. I am often reminded that how blessed I am because I married my best friend. Being a good wife is a slew of things for me but here are a few: Being patient, being supportive, being loving, being encouraging, being respectful, being conscious of his feelings, helping his dreams to come true, and to have FAITH IN HIM.  When Joey and I were married we had a big talk on out honeymoon about how we wanted to be a United front for each other, our children and our family.

2. Being a good daughter. My mom has been next to me from the very beginning and she has been such an amazing example of unconditional love and support. When I married Joe she not only accepted him as part of our family but she has created a very special relationship with him and loves and cares about him deeply This mean the world to me. What a gift she has given to Joe and I for creating a strong family unit. I want to be with her through thick and thin and the good and the bad. When I am busy and she needs my attention I need to give it to her.

3. Yup this is right Let Go and Be Open. If you know me then you know that I have just really challenged myself. In most areas of my life I like to be in control. I like to make a plan and stick to it. As I am learning I AM NOT IN CONTROL I AM ONLY A PASSENGER IN THIS CAR CALLED LIFE. This one is going to be a daily reminder and I am going to have to actively Let go and be open to life and what it brings. Scared about this one but optimistic of what it may bring to the table for me.

4. TO BE HEALTHY. yes I could of posted some bananas, water and a treadmill but I think if you follow this post then you already know I am plugging away at this one. I have been given to one life to live and I want to be the healthiest that I can. More water less pop, more healthy food options, exercise, and SLEEP yup I said making time for sleep since it is important to health.

5. To take a Leap of faith and to preserve with my endeavors. This has to do with many areas of my life. We must preserve through things to achieve what we want. A while back I completed a children's book. I attempted to contact some literacy agents to begin the process of getting it published and had no real luck. And stopped pursuing it!!! Well this intention is to challenge me to get through it and keep moving forward with it. Whether I publish it myself, make it an E-book, or contact to pound the pavement with publishing houses I am PRESERVING!!!!!

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

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