Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beauty Rush-2

Good Morning,

Well the Meteorologist were right the Blizzard has arrived and dumped buckets, and buckets of snow on us in The Quad Cities and so many other areas in the Midwest.

The snow drifts in our front yard and backyard are MASSIVE. Poor Wrigley has no legs when he ventures out. Guess who is joining me on a snow day today? MY MR!! Whoot Whoot

Anyways now on to today's post- BEAUTY RUSH Part 2 awhile ago I did a post about some beauty products that I use. It has been awhile so I thought I would follow it up with some NEW products that I have discovered.

A friend of mine featured this soap on her blog, and I really wanted to try it after she mentioned the tingle effect of it:
This soap is called Ain't MisBehavin- it is a great cleanser and when you use it you don't wet your face or hands before you put it on. The cost $25.00 and it can be found on sephora,com

Do you get the occasional breakout or the whooper around your special time of the month- well good we have something in common. You would think at almost 27years old I would be done breaking out but NOPE. This stuff is a MIRACLE worker. You only need a little bit to do the trick. I put it on as a spot treatment before I go to bed and LOVE the results when I wake up. It runs $23.00 and can be found on

This has been a staple in my beauty regime for some time now. I keep it in the shower and while I shave or shampoo my hair I slather this on my face and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I love the glisten and fresh look it gives my face. This one is very affordable running $4.99 and can be found at any drugstore.

Wrinkles Wrinkles Wrinkles- You don't want them? Then you must start preserving at a young age when the skin cells are in the early stages. I started using this REVITALIFT from L'oreal because I wasn't ready to shell out $40-$65.00 for a wrinkle cream and I am glad that I gave this a try. It works on both your eyes and forehead and I can visable tell a difference when I use it the next day. Can you believe this it only costs $10.00 you gotta love that and it can be found at most drugstores.

LOTION- during the winter months my skin CRAVES lotion. My dearest MOMMA got me this lotion after she tried it and she picked a WINNER. It is called whipped souffle lotion and the name is spot on. It is so creamy and rich and my skin soaks it all up without leaving that greasy feeling. It runs $7.99 and can be found at most drugstores.

Now for a little bit of make-up. For a very long time I have used Bare Essentials make-up and really liked it but I felt at times that I wanted less coverage and I didn't like the feeling of layers of powder on my face. Before my wedding I bought some products from Laura Mercier and really liked them, The tinted moisturizer is a great product that I can wear with some mascara and lip gloss and be out of the door feeling great about my look. It runs $42.00 and is worth every drop.

This is a staple in my make-up organizer and my purse. I think a big part of having clear skin is getting that mid-day sluff off my face and these little oil absorbent sheets are miracle workers. The sephora brand is $10.00 or you can buy the brand from the drugstore for $4.99. I encourage you to try them out and check out how your face looks after you use one!

What products are staples in your beauty regime????

(ON A SIDE NOTE: Happy Groundhog's Day. The Groundhog did not see his shadow so that is supposed to mean that Spring will come early!! Here's to wishful thinking)


Liz said...

All of us girls use Laura Mercier and love it! Her tinted moisturizer is perfect for the day!

Kendra Dawn said...

Just used my Laura Mercier tinted moisterizer a few hours ago....LOVE LOVE that stuff. I may need to try some of your favorites now!!! :)