Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Blog Lovin

Good Morning Bloggers,

Who is getting excited about the weekend being right around the corner????? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hubster and I had a great night last night watching college basketball! And if you dont know, I won the bet from last night! He He He He!

So when you are  checking your daily blogs? do you ever look at the blogs that others follow? I will tell you that is one of the ways I have found some of my favorite blogs.
So today I thought I would give some blog lovin to a few new blogs-check em out and pass on a few that you would recommend.

1. Sunday Baker: A great cooking blog, the posts are filled with the actual pictures from her recipes and the two that I have made from her have been EXCELLENT!!!!! I mean today's post:Tuscan White Bean Soup-YUMMO!

2. TIP JUNKIE: I started subscribing to this blog awhile ago but didn't check it out that frequently recently I started visiting it more and I LOOOOVVVEE!! I mean for one of her posts she took broken jewelry posts and make a beautiful decoration for her home- who doesn't love that idea???????? It includes everything from DIY projects, to recipes, to organizational tips.

3. HOMEMADE MAMAS: Yup another great one and I found this from one of the other blogs that I follow. This is a blog that is done by 3 different mamas and they have a LARGE variety of things that they post about. They have children activities, home decorating tips, ways to save MONEY (who doesn't like that), and GIVEAWAYS.

DIET COKE Recap: Well it's going. I cant say it is easy or that  I like it but it is going. I am doing the best that I  can occasionally I have to have a few sips of one but I think on the whole  I am doing pretty good. I find it completely ironic that The Today show is doing an investigation of how it is NOT good to drink diet pop. Why does it have to taste so good then????

Have a great day!
I would love to hear about some of your favorite blogs!

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