Monday, February 7, 2011

Back At It

Good Morning Bloggers,

Hope you had a great weekend!!! In my opinion it went by far to fast!!!

Anyways I thought I would re-cap a few of the highlights.

First of all we are truly feeling the meaning of being homeowners!!!! During the winter storm this past week our chimney cap blew off hit our neighbors house and dinged their siding!!!! Then on Saturday we realized our furnace wasn't working-BRRRR!! So we made a service call and write a big fat check to get it fixed, YIKES! So we are hoping since we have been hit hard the past few days that we are in the clear for awhile with house issues.

Secondly yesterday we spend the Superbowl with very good  friends and had a great time!!!! We both really weren't interested in the Superbowl that much since the BEARS weren't playing. It is now onto College basketball!!!! WHICH I LOVE. This Wednesday is a big game for me my beloved DUKE take on their enemy North Carolina. Me and The Mr have a big bet on it.

Guess who I got to see for a few hours yesterday:

Yup that is Madeline Jane!!!! She brings a smile to all of us!!!
This week I am attempting to clean our carpets with a friends carpet cleaner, I have had them professionally cleaned before but I am going to give this a shot so I can determine whether or not to buy one of these. I will keep you posted as to how it goes! Have a great day!

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sue said...

Erin I am so glad that you and Maddie got to spend some time together yesterday. I hope you have a good result with the carpet cleaning. I got one for xmas and LOVE it! Good to have with the doggies around:)