Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy LOVE Day!

Good Morning Bloggers,

Well it is Valentine's Day are you feeling the LOVE??????? Hopefully so.

I heard this on a commerical this year in preparation for Valentine's Day and it said "Valentine's day inst about saying I love you, it is about saying I LOVE US!"

Isn't that perfect? I don't think there is much more to say then that.

Whether you have been in love for many years or are just in the beginning stages of love you know LOVE is magical, priceless and gives life.

I am very excited for the day ahead! My LOVE has some kind of surprise planned for me this afternoon and to the only clue he would give me was that it is someplace we have never been???? Can you imagine why it was hard to sleep last night some place I have never been? I will update you once this mysterious location is revealed! He He He

Now I want to give my LOVE some some Love
-I love that you are a wonderful writer you notes and cards I cherish!!!!

-I love how you love my family, it is a priceless gift.

-I love that you made our first date church a very important step and ultimately foundation in our relationship.

-I love knowing that I get to watch you be a father someday

-I love the your work ethic. You work not only for yourself but for our future.

-I love how fiscally responsible you are and how you finically plan for our family.

-I love that you believe in people unconditionally. Anybody'scorner that you are in is BLESSED

-I love watching yo succeed you DESERVE EVERY BIT OF IT!

-I love all the memories that you have created for me!


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