Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Very Busy Weekend

Good Morning Blogland,

Who is loving the heat???????????? Me!!! I have had the chance to lay out a few times and feel alive again since I don't look ghostly anymore!

This past weekend we were work horses and were blessed with some family that gave up their weekend to be with us and help around our house.

Friday Joey had the day off because he was playing in a golf tournament so we moved furniture and then Poppy and Grammie arrived to help tape the living and dining room so we could start painting them on Saturday.

Saturday started bright and early with the arrival of my mom, poppy, grammie and uncle and aunt. We decided to re-paint the living room and dining room a pale butter yellow color and the nook in the dining room we did a burnt orange. Awhile back I had bought new burnt orange curtains as well for the dining room and couldn't be happier with how it turned out. While the painting was going on Joey and my grandpa put together the furniture that we recently got from World Market ( if you haven't checked out this store you should, great finds!!! ) This new furniture is for our front porch room that we are in the process of updating as well. Mom, grammie and I did lots of landscaping outside throughout the day.


Sunday we were going to get all the furniture moved back into place but the MR. and I decided it was to beautiful to spend it in the house working again so we headed to one of the pools and laid in the sun all day! I love this pool that we went to because it is zero depth so you can sit in the water and sun at the same time!!!

I promise I will update with pictures if I can ever find the camera charger or when I get a new one! I will never know where that thing went to!

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