Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby H Update- 3

Good Morning,

Well today we reach a milestone and that is that I am 23 WEEKS 6 months pregnant!!!! Whoot Whoot!!!!

I cant believe it, it has gone by so unbelievable fast and I am LOVING being pregnant. Yes the beginning was rough but I love it now!!!!

Here is the 23 week picture:

What is happening with baby this week:
Your baby's skin is sagging, hanging loosely from his or her little body. That's because skin grows faster than fat develops to fill in the skin out yet. But don't worry- the fat is about to start catching up. Beginning this week your baby which is around 8 inches long and a pound begins to pack on the pounds. In fact by months end your baby will be double the weight he or she is now. Once those fat deposits are made, your baby will be less transparent too. Right now the organs and bones can still be seen through the skin, which has a red hue thanks to the developing blood vessels and veins underneath.

Cravings: Still pretty much fruit but recently ice cream and things that are sour like sour patch kids have started to look mighty good!

Sleeping: I can only sleep on my side which hasn't been the easiest but it is getting easier with every passing night. LEG CRAMPS have been keeping me up in the middle night and then during the day my calve muscles feel so tight.

No stretch marks so far!! I think that is due to the lotion I use!!!

Clothing: Mainly maternity!

Movement: As the day goes on more and moer kicking!!!!!

Names: We have our list but don't feel we can really choose till we are holding that miracle. The middle names are set in stone though for either boy or girl.

Nickname for the baby: Jimmy/Jamey that is was started by mu uncle to be funny because he wanted us to name the baby after him

We booked the our newborn session as well this past weekend. I am BEYOND excited we got this photographer because her work is amazing!!!! She will be coming to the house with props and backgrounds about 2 days after I am home !!!!!

Next up on the baby horizon: Baby classes (lamaze) and Finishing the nursery


Margaret said...

looking forward to feeling baby h doing some kicking

Uncle Mike said...

You look beautiful! You will be great at be Mommy and Daddy!
Mike and Connie