Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Recap

Good Morning Bloggers,

Well we are starting out today with clouds, and rain. . . YUCK!! Come on sun start shining!

We had a great father's day weekend and did lots of fun things with family.

Friday we headed to Geneseo since my mom, and my cousins were going to be in town. This weekend they always have The Music festival which includes parades, shopping, and the Queen contest.I had told the girls about the parade so they brought their costumes so they could participate in the Friday night parade which is just for children.
 The three girls ready to go, Grace was a pageant queen "Little Miss Diva" she actually wore one of my old formals and we made her banner for her, Caroline was a pop singer, and Madeline was a 1920's marching girl.

 The three sisters walking together in the parade, I loved that they were holding hands!!!!
Watching the Little Miss Geneseo contest together after the parade.

Saturday morning Joey decided to take Grace and Wrigley on a run with him. Grace is becoming the runner in the family so she was very excited that she got to go with him on it. And of course so was Wrigley.
Later that afternoon I set up a lemonade stand for the girls. They have heard for a very long time how Pat and Kevin and I used to do that so they really wanted to give it a shot.

Joe and I sat out with them for a long time and that Mr. had to be in the picture as well!!!! They SOLD OUT of lemonade and had a great time!

Later that night we decided to head outside again and play croquet. Here are a few pics:

                                                    Madeline getting ready for her swing,
                                       The Yellow team, Grace and I were the croquet queens
And a picture of Joe on Sunday getting his father's day gift. I guess his baby knows what he likes!!!!!!!!
You are going to be an amazing Father Joey and I am blessed to get to go on this journey with you! Love you forever.

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