Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The 3 "S's" of Summer

Good Morning,

Well it is June 15th? Can you believe June is halfway over I cant I feel like I blinked my eyes and 15 days passed by-yikes!!! I don't want this warm weather to be gone. Since summer is in full force I thought I would feature the "S's" of summer

Sound's of Summer
The neighborhood children playing outside all day long and into the sun setting.
The wind blowing the shades and drapes at nighttime right after I turn the light off
Joey being able to fall asleep and be snoring in a record of 2 minutes and less
The ice cream truck coming by daily
The porch swing creaking as it goes back and forth
Wrigley's feet on the wood floor throughout the day and his head perched on the window

Sight's of Summer
The numerous pots of colorful flowers that are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood
The rose bushes sprouting new buds! ( way to go green thumb Joe)
The many walkers in our neighborhood with their puppies and strollers
Rain puddles from the night before
Nightly cook-outs

Smells of Summer
My herbs on the deck table when the wind blows
Fresh paint, maybe this is just our house from a few weeks ago
My hydrangea bush,

Hope you are enjoying your summer!!!
What's on deck for the rest of the week: A book review and a Baby H update

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