Friday, June 10, 2011

Five For Friday

Good Morning,

Did you survive the storms last night? If you live in Iowa you know what I am talking about we have had crazy storms the last couple of days and last night they continued.

I haven't done a Five for Friday where I feature 5 things that I am "loving" instead I thought I would do a Five for Friday that will get you thinking or will help you get to know me a little better. A friend send me some of these questions awhile back and I have decided to feature them here. Enjoy!!!!!!

1. You stop in at an ice cream store, and you are really hungry you get to choose three scoops to build your ultimate favorite cone, which ones would you choose?
-Rocky Road
-Fresh Raspberry

2. You get to rewind time and look into 4 different careers and give them a try for a day, what careers would you choose?
-Book Editor
-News Journalist
-Being an entrepreneur with my mom and starting a lovely bakery with all the yummy things we want to cook.
-Dermatologist( I know you are laughing Mr. H)

3. You are sent on a mission into the grocery store to pick one thing from the following sections of the grocery store to represent you, what would you pick:
Produce: Fresh Cherries
Meat: Flat iron steak
Bakery: Croissants
Dairy: Chocolate Milk
Frozen: Trader Joe's creamed spinach

4. You love tv  right? well you get to go and watch a segment taped on 3 of them, even if it is reality or not, where would you show up?
-If Oprah was still on I would pay big bucks for one of her shows, it still makes me mad I never went to see her.
-A reunion episode of one the New Jersey Housewives ( I know mad and trashy tv but hey this is a dream right?)
-A cooking episode of Paula Deen on the Food Network

5. A large envelope arrives in your mail , sending you on a surprise trip for the weekend but you have to pack a limited bag and can only bring 3 clothing items, what would you choose?
-one of my new summer dresses ( needless to say I have been stocking up with these since I am pregnant this summer)
-my black blazer because it goes with anything and can dress things up or down
-yoga capri pants

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoyed this Five for Friday!

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