Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Long Weekend In Rewind

Good Morning Bloggers,

Did you have a good weekend ???? Wasn't this weather crazy? Rain Rain Rain yuck! I felt so bad for people that were having parties outside this weekend that were ruined by the terrible rain. Well we tried to enjoy this weekend as much as we could but the poor Mr. had to work for most of it. . . . . BOOOO! Thank goodness he is almost done with these long hours.

Friday we headed out for a date night!!! We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings which is one of Joey's favorite restaurants. Then over to watch the Hangover Sequel. If you have seen the first one you know that your sides hurt after from all the laughing and the second one follows closely to that as well, lots of laughs.

Saturday we were on the road early to Des Moines. When we got there we picked up some furniture for the our front porch/sun room at World Market. I love that store but the customer service leaves much for desire. After that we went to one of my favorite places for lunch in Des Moines and that is HuHot. I had been craving it and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!! After that Joe and I went to his Dad's 50th birthday party. His dad's birthday was back in April but he was celebrating with a joint friends party this past weekend with a big cookout. I was so happy the rain stopped shortly after lunch and that was a good thing since the party was outside. It was great to see family and celebrate such a great man!

Sunday the Mr headed back to work so I headed to Naperville to spend some time with my mom. Guess how the weather was my whole drive there? AWFUL terrible heavy rain and hail- and once I got there it started raining bad there! That night we headed downtown Naperville and looked at some of the shops, and then had a greasy dinner! Monday the sun decided to come out and wanted to soak it up we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants that has outdoor seating and loved the heat! After that we relaxed and eventually headed over to see the She-She's for a bit.

Wondering where all the pictures are? Well I still cant find the camera charger and have given up on finding it so I will be purchasing a new one this week!

Later this week I will have a BIG baby H update as well.

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