Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Fever

Well I thought spring was right around the corner but that warmer weather just hasn't shown up. I think we are going to go right into summer and spring is going to skip over us here in Iowa.

Oh well. We have Spring Fever on Grand Ave.

It started with our bathroom remodel I know  I have been bad about posting pictures from it but I finally have the finished product pictures uploaded.  I was out of town for the week when it was done so I wasn't able to take before pictures but let me explain what it looked like. . .. 1970's COMPLETELY. We knew when we bought this house that was going to be our first big project to tackle. After the wedding it was on our brains!!!!!! Everything was retro and had to be completely removed down to the studs but we are over the moon happy with the end result:

The floor, the remodeler thought of this design for the tile and I love it!

Now on to the outside of the house:
The flower boxes are out, this weekend I plan to buy all the flowers to fill them next week. We planted a few new rose bushes and some azalea bushes. The hostas from last year have started to come through and are looking good. Joey has cleared out the garden we are planning on having:
-Green pepper
and a few other things.I plan to try canning at the end of the season so I want to add a few other things as well.

This year I am trying something new miniature lime, lemon, and orange trees. They have been planted for a few weeks and I have my poppy to thank for his help and expert gardening advice on that. The first sign of fruit I will post a picture.

Can you tell we are ready for summer???? We sure are! Have a great mother's day weekend and well catch up Monday bright and early.

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Margaret said...

WOW!!!! I can't believe how GREAT the bathroom looks!! NICE!!! I know you both have to be thrilled :)