Monday, May 23, 2011


Good Morning Bloggers,

Hope you had a great weekend! Did the forecasters get it wrong this weekend or what? The sunshine was wonderful and I am glad the rain started later last night.

Today's post are some sights that I LOVE and a special deal that should brighten your Monday! Especially since Monday's are always the hardest part of the week.

So first up:

Scottsdale Mom's Blog: This is a blog that was co-founded by a graphic designer that I had purchased some invites from awhile back. It is an awesome resource for Mom's in Scottsdale, Arizona that have many contributing writers and great ideas and events in their community. Now you might be asking " Erin, why are you reading this since it is based around Scottsdale, Arizona?" Well first up they have great articles that are written by mom's on all topics, so if you are a seasoned mom or a new mom to be I would recommend in checking it out.

Next up:

Wuslu is a website that features one item a day at a huge discount with minimal shipping charges. There are great decor items at huge savings and sometimes she offers a great deal of savings when she is making room for new merchandise.

Pizzazzerie: Are you planning a party? Looking for party ideas? This sight should be your new best friend. It is a great sight that I found when looking up ideas for a bridal shower and  I am OBSESSED with it. They have great ideas, original color schemes and all around their presentation leaves you nothing less than IMPRESSED!

And finally something to brighten your Monday:
Need some pictures printed? Want to create a photo book for a loved one? Need to order some invites or cards for an event? Then you are going to want to head over to They are offering g 50% the entire site!! What a great deal!

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