Monday, May 2, 2011

Good-Bye To 7 INCHES!!!

Good Morning Bloggers,

Hope you had a great weekend! We had a great weekend at home with some family time included. The weather was nice as as well although I think it could be a smidge warmer. Saturday we did some shopping for plants and stuff around the house and then headed to the new  Fast and Furious movie. IF you want to spoil the MR in your life take him to this- they will love it, you on the other hand will probably be creating to do lists in your mind throughout the entire thing but hey aren't relationships all about give and take????

Anyways you are probably wondering about the title of this blog post. Well on Friday I had a hair appointment and cut off seven inches of my hair. Yup you read that right I cut off 7 inches of my hair! For awhile I had been thinking about doing this for a change. I have had long hair for all of my life and I love it but recently I just wasn't loving it.  I wanted a change. When I told most people what I was thinking of doing they told me NO but when I got in the chair and talked with m favorite stylist we decided to go for it. I had brought in this picture of Jennifer Aniston's new haircut:
Mine ended up being a wee bit shorter. After we discussed the cut, my stylist put my hair into a ponytail and before I knew it was CUTTING, I said to him " are you doing it already?" and he said "YUP" At first I couldn't look when he put the ponytail in front of me, I said "COVER IT UP"  but after he was done styling it I feel in love with my new style!!!!!!

Another reason I loved doing this is because the 7 inches that were cut off are going to be donated to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is an organization that takes donated hair to make wigs for cancer patients.

So here are the conculsions that I have come to since the BIG CUT:
-if you can do something to help someone else, do it a little self sacrifice didnt hurt anybody
-Even though it is hard to picture myself with short hair I LOVE IT, dont be afraid to try something new!

Many have asked to post a picture as well. I do plan to this week with an actually bump photo as well. Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

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