Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Registering For Baby H

Good Morning Blogland,

Happy Tuesday who is excited for the long weekend. . . . ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past Friday Joey was able to have the day off and we decided to go register for some stuff for Baby H. We hadn't planned on registering but some family encouraged us to so we thought "oh well" and I have a secret to reveal about my husband.. . . . are you ready. . . . . . . . this man loves the scan gun. When we were registering for our wedding everyplace we went he had to be the scanner and now with the baby registering he is the same way. It cracks me up. Next time I will snap a picture of his delight with his scan gun in action!

So here are the first time parents take on registering for baby stuff. .. WOW THERE IS SO MUCH!!! I was amazed at the amount of blankets, pillows, bibs, pacifiers, burp clothes, wipes, monitors etc.

Since we aren't finding out what we are having we registered for lots since we scanned some blue and some pink stuff. I wont be getting everything gender related since we will hope to use some of the stuff the next time we are on the baby carousel.

Now I need some input, have you heard of the new and greatest monitors? The video screen monitor. I had originally registered for one monitor for our home and then one we could travel with. And then I heard about the video screen one.

It is $199.99 do you think it is worth it? Would you use it?

Thanks for your advice Mommas


Liz said...

We don't use a monitor. We did the first few nights Sydney slept in her own room but she is such a loud sleeper and I was sleeping so light listening to her that I did not get any sleep. Everytime I heard her make a little fuss I would go running into her room and she would still be asleep. Now we just sleep with our bedroom doors open and only go in if she is crying not just fussing. She will fuss for a minute and still be asleep. This has helped us be able to get more sleep.

Erin said...

Thanks Liz!!! this is good to info to have!!! Hope that sweet girl of yours is doing well!