Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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Are you loving this heat?? I AM!!!! Husband demanded that we turn on the air last night so we did but I am loving having the windows open and the sunshine. The plants and flowers are going wild with this sunshine!

On to the topic of this blog post today. First I want to say this is my personal opinion and I believe that everyone that is pregnant should make a decision that they are comfortable with. Prior to making my decision I did readings, talked to other mom's, and had many talks the Joe.

So. . . . . . . .

What is a Certified Nurse Midwife?????  is an Advanced Practice Nurse who has specialized education and training in both Nursing and Midwifery. CNM's function as primary health care providers for women and most often provide medical care for relatively healthy women, whose birth is considered uncomplicated and not "high risk," as well as their neonate. Certified Nurse-Midwives, in most states, are required to possess a minimum of a graduate degree such as the Master of Science in Nursing, or Post-Master's Certificate.

The Haluska Decision: After much thought, discussion, prayer, consideration and meeting with a CNM we had decided to use a midwife.

Why did we decide this?
- I go to an office where there are both OBGYN doctors and midwives. After meeting with a midwife I learned that they are with you from the moment you call the office and are going into labor. There are 8 doctors so I wouldn't be able to meet every doctor during my visits and there was a greater chance that I wouldn't know who was a delivering me. The doctors also don't come to the hospital until the last part of heavy labor unless a C-section is needed.
- Since becoming pregnant I have decided that I really wanted to try to go as natural as possible.
-We wanted to know who would be delivering our baby.
-Midwife's have a lower rate of C-section's

Some questions I have been asked since making this decision:
"Are you having your baby at home?" NO I am not having the baby at home. I will be having the baby at the number 1 rated birthing center in the Quad Cities.

"Did this person go to school?" Yes they are a nurse practitioner that has taken additional schooling in midwifery"

"What happens if something goes wrong?" They will utilize the doctor that is on call

My experience so far using the midwife:
EXCELLENT!!! I absolutely love all three of the midwives I have seen and feel 100% comfortable with them delivering our baby. I am highly encouraged with their techniques for a natural, soothing birth and their experience in different situations. The midwife as well is able to spend quality time with me and answering all my questions as a first mom. I love that they will be with me from the start to the finish and not just the last 15 minutes of hard labor.

Want to hear a birth story that just happened and that used a midwife and was natural?

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