Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Words- Lots Of Pics!

Happy Monday,

Hope you all had a FAB weekend with the people that you love!!

Some of the blogs that I follow do a "WORDLESS WEDNESDAY" where they post a picture or a few but I decided to switch it up and post some of my favorite pictures/memories for todays' post with a where/ who for each!!!

Hope you enjoy and I promise I will be back Tuesday with some FUN STUFF!!!!
 AHHHHHH this photo was taken at the Spa in California for my Bachellorette Girls Party!! Ohh it was lovely. This photo reminds me of my besties, the sun, the spa, and having a suntan!!!! I am looking forward to the end of February when I am taking a girls trip to Florida with some ladies! I cant wait!
 Me and The MR. of course!! This was the first birthday that I spent with Joe. It was a great day we spent the afternoon at lunch with my family and then I had Joe's dad, stepmom and sister Kelsey waiting in a hotel room for him , who knew there would be so much more to come!
 YES YES YES the MR again ( can you tell I am in L-O-V-E with this guy, this is the picture from last Christmas when he found out we were getting WRIGLEY!!!! ahhh I love thinking about this. As I write this Wrigley is laying on my leg-how time flies by
 Me and Regina JoAnn Turner!!! She is my EVERYTHING. Such a wonderful WIFE, MOM, GRAMMIE and friend
 SHE SHE Madeline Jane!! This is from one of our shopping trips and a dress that she LOVED! I love watching her dress up!
 OHHH yes I HAVE to be the first blogger to talk about ST. PATRICK'S DAY right???  I love this holiday so many wonderful memories and I cant wait for this St. Patty's day the countdown is on!
My mom and I. She has done such a great job in raising me. It hasn't always been easy but she has stuck by me through thick and thin and I am eternally GRATEFUL for that. She loves me unconditionally, makes Joey, I and family her priority, is successful,  and is my best friend forever! I love you momma!!!

Hope you enjoyed this picture/semi wordless Monday

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