Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Happy Thursday Bloggers,

How are you doing today???

Do I have a fun post for you. Last night my and the hubby headed to HOT YOGA, have you heard of it? It was great because some of my girlfriends were there too so Joe was the MAN of the NIGHT

Well HOT YOGA incorporates a series of yoga postures and is ideally practiced in an area professionally heated and ventilated. The heated room aids in stretching the muscles and in removing the toxins from the body through sweating.

We head to Red Root Yoga in Davenport, Iowa. We attended the hour long beginner class. When we entered the room the room was HOT the temperature was initially 95 and I loved it. I love the hear and am never warm enough, Joe on the other hand was HOT! The class was very full so that added to the heat in the room. Upon starting the instructor turned the heat done since there were so many people in the classroom.
Below are some of the poses that we did in the class:
                                                             The Triangle Pose-great for hips, arms and core
                                                              Tree- works the core, arms, and balance
                                                         The Pigeon, stretches the hips arms, and core
                                                  Downward Dog, works the arms, hips, and hamstrings

If you have a MR in your life and want to connivance him to go here is a MAN'S perspective on HOT YOGA:
-IT WAS A GOOD SWEAT ( I think in Man language this means a good workout. thoughts?)
-He would do it again

Here are my thoughts on HOT YOGA:
-loved have the time with girlie's and my husband
-is an excellent activity to do i nthe winters since it so cold out!
-Loved the calming effect and de-stresser that it is
-I really felt like I had a great workout at the end due to the SWEAT!

If you are wondering about me and how I smell don't- the first thing I did was shower! Ha Ha Ha
Let me hear your thoughts? Have you tried HOT YOGA?

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O.squared. said...

This sounds awesome and what fun to do it as a couple! Thanks for sharing all about it, Erin!