Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Friday!!!!

Well the weekend is almost here!!!

Who is excited????

Me!!!! Can you tell I am still getting back into the work mode from the Holiday's?

To honor this momentous occasion I would post some of my favorite things in honor of the weekend arriving.
FUR VEST: I got one of these for Christmas from my Grammie and Poppy and cant wait to wear it.
Yes I am addicted and they are the best candy around town!

Burts Bee Chapstick: During the winter months I cant get enough of this stuff they keep my lips from from looking like sandpaper.
Blogging: I am adoring the blogworld right now. I have found some recent blogs that I really enjoy reading everyday and love how creative juices are flowing with so many in blogland.
Gotta give it up for Mr. Haluska, he is such a hard worker, provider, funny, caring and supportive guy. He has started training for his next triathalon and I cant wait to cheer him on!

Have a great weekend everbody-keep your eyes out for the 1st Pie recipe, it is COMING!

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