Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Friday!!!


The weekend has arrived---- Who is Excited!!!

If you know me I am doing cheer moves right now because I am so excited!!

We are off on another getaway for the weekend! !This time to Des Moines!! I love that place!

We have some celebrating  and shopping on the agenda, can you blame me I am so excited?

Here are a few of my favorite things this Friday:

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa VanDerPlump: In my very best English accent " I don't give a flying fig!"

Sparkling/Carbonated Water- I am giving up diet coke and it is the only that is saving me these days!! Try it!

Hope- Just the sheer emotion brings a smile to my face

The OWN network- is anyone watching Oprah's new channel? I love he behind the scene show that shows everything that goes into making an episode!!

Finally---My Wrigley yes I know some of you are going to be shocked that I am saying this but he is becoming my buddy since Joe has been working some long hours!

Have a great weekend!

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