Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Recap: Des Moines

Hello Bloggers,

Well we are back from our weekend trip was another great one!!!!!! Although we are both sulking around the house due to the loss of the Bears game. Although it was a great season we would of loved to watch them go the the Superbowl!! Now we move on to College Basketball which we both love!!!!

Back to the weekend, we headed to Indianola where Joey's dad and stepmom live. We had a relaxing Friday night and watched some good tv!!!

Saturday was Joey's stepmom's birthday so we were in the celebrating mood!! Tammy had a great day planned for us. After lunch we headed to Des Moines for Rock Climbing. If you are in the Des Moines area I would fully recommend checking out Climb Iowa.. It is a great indoor rock climbing facility. It was a great idea to do as a family as well. Let me tell you it is a workout. While you are climbing you are using muscles in your hands, feet, arms and legs constantly. They was a boy  there that was 4 years old and he was amazing!!
After rock climbing we headed home to get cleaned up for dinner. We headed to Las Casa the Mexican restaurant in town and meet both of Tammy's sisters and their families there. We had a great time. Tammy's youngest sister has a 1 year old daughter names Dylin- we call her Baby D though. She was a pure joy to have at dinner. After dinner everybody came over to the house and we skyped with our dear Kelsey who just moved to Hawaii. We missed her dearly and it was great getting to see her new place and feel like she was with us on the special day.  Happy Birthday Tammy. You take great care of every single one of us and WE LOVE YOU!
Enjoy the pictures below!
 Yup that is me, Climbing the wall away with my very own rock spotter below!
 Joe oh wait I mean monkey boy!! I think his long legs and arms were a BIG advantage!
 The birthday girl who rocked all the climbs!!
 Joe on the inverted wall!!
 Joe feeling pretty good after making it to the top once again! way to go Mr. H
                                                  Z-Man climbing away!
                                                 My Love My Hubby
                                           Birthday Girl and our wonderful Baby D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great Monday

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