Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Road Trip. . . Here We Go

Brr it sure is cold out this morning!!!

A couple of weeks ago we were blessed with a visit from Joey' sister Kelsey who now lives in Washington. It was great because her and Tammy got to come to Davenport for a day and then a few days after that we headed out to Indianola for the weekend to do an early Christmas with Kelsey and family since she wont be able to come home for the holiday with her work schedule.

So how did a 3 hour car ride go with a 3 week old baby, well overall we thought it went really well both ways. On the way there about 2 hours into the trip Harper was hungry so I fed her. If we are traveling more than 30 minutes I typically sit in the back with her. The rest of the time she slept during the trip.

 Tammy's sister daughter Dylin, she couldn't get enough of Baby Harper and asked to hold her lots!
                                                           More snuggle time with Aunt Kelsey
                                                            Opening gifts!!!

It was a great weekend and on our way home we were able to stop off in Des Moines and see MiMaw, we couldnt be that close and not see her!!!!

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