Friday, November 4, 2011

Joey and CoCo

Well the first two weeks home with Harper went by so FAST!!!! Parenthood must speed up life greatly!!!

Joey is given an additional 2 weeks of vacation when we had Harper which is awesome. He decided to split up his leave and take one week now and the other week at the end of November around his birthday!

W loved having a week with the three of us. Daddy/Joey treated us like queens with lunches out and shopping trips to the mall, and renting lots of good movies.  This guy had two sad girls as he went back to work.

Our second week home my mom CoCo came and spent the week with us and we were so grateful for all her hugs/kisses, cooking, cleaning, and fun times. Come back soon CoCo

Here are a few pictures from those weeks:
Hanging with CoCo in bed

Cooking with Dad in the kitchen

With CoCo and Dad

Dad always keeping his eye on me


Margaret said...

I can't wait to spend some time with precious little Harper!!! Love the pic of Joey staring at his little girl!!!!

Erin said...

We cant wait for your visit Margaret!!!