Monday, November 21, 2011

A Pre Thanksgiving Get Together!

This past weekend was jam packed with a Haluska family!! On Friday Joey's Mom and Nana arrived in town and we were very happy to see them. We had hoped that his brother Mikey would be able to make it as well but he had told us he had pervious plans. When they first got there we sat down to talk about that night and Joey let Wrigley out, as he went to the deck I heard Joey freak out!! There he wa hugging his brother Mikey- what a wonderful surprise!! This was the first time Mikey had seen Harper as well!!!!

Saturday Night we had Joey's cousin Adam his wife Kendra and their two loves Jerzey and Jace come for mass and dinner as well!!

Here is picture overload from the weekend!

Way to be funny margaret and mikey

Harper and I surprised Joey on Friday when he got home from work and were all dolled up in new Iowa State gear!

By the way did you see the Iowa State game on Friday night? Well Joe got so excited that he jumped up hit his head on a beam in out house and split open his head!! That's a true fan for you!

Our table setting for the evening!!!

I did placecards for the evening and on the back of every one said why we were thankful for that person. If you are having loved ones over for thanksgiving this is a neat idea!

Jerzey wanting to know what the bubbly was at each seat!

My very first turkey, that turned out pretty darn good!

We got out the karoke machine and Jerzey was a natural we didnt do much singing but would interview each other!!

Joey, Adam and Kendra

Nana with her two newest great grandbabies!

It was a great weekend with family and we are blessed to have you all in our lives!

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Kendra Dawn said...

We had an amazing time and Adam I are still raving about the delicious turkey!