Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Shower For Baby H

Good Morning Bloggers,

It is a rainy, cloudy day here in the QC!! It is the kind of day where you want to sit on a screened in porch, read a book and sip on your favorite drink!!!

A few weeks ago my aunts, mom and grammie threw me a beautiful baby shower for Baby H. They really out-did themselves when it came to every element of the party. Enjoy all the pictures.

For lunch we had my favorite cold strawberry soup, a marinated vegetable salad, and a variety of mini sandwiches including chicken salad on homemade bread, brie, apple and honey sandwiches, an olive spread sandwich, and a caprese tomato, mozzarella, and basil sandwich. So delicious!!!

The table settings, the theme was polka dots in pink, blue, and yellow and my aunt actually made table runners for each table in the coordinated theme. She's so crafty!

Above each plate were these cute onsie cookies in  pink, blue and yellow and they were delicious!

My aunt made this wreath as the centerpiece of the room which was made out of onsies and washclothes for baby H. I love it! I wish I had someone to make one of these for because I think it is super cute!

A cute game that was played every guest took a guess at what thy thought they thought the baby would be, what date the baby would be born on and how much the baby would weigh.  Boy won out with just a coupe of extra votes, and the majority thought I would deliver on the 20th.

And for dessert the beautiful cupcake tree!!!! This was a big hot as cucakes are the rage right now!! Thanks Sue for traveling all the way from Chicago with them!
And now for the guest and some action shots!

                                                          CoCo, Me, and Jo Jo
                                                     Aunt Sue and Grammie Jo Jo
                                                      Caroline and Aunt Karen
                                                          Hannah and Grace
                                            The sweet bundle of gifts

                                                         Caroline and I
                                                   Opening up gifts!!!
                                                   Group Shot- thank you friends for attending and thank you to my family for the effort and love that you put into this shower. Not only am Joe and I loved but this baby sure is!


Margaret said...

what a beautiful shower!! sorry nana and i missed it :(

erin said...

you were missed by all!!!!